Selling your wedding dress

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Many brides are sometimes overwhelmed with the thought of what to do with their romantic wedding dress after the wedding day. They’ve enjoyed the wedding day and felt gorgeous and special in their unique wedding dress. But after sometimes, when you see the wedding dress nicely packed in the closet the only thing your fell is memories of the wedding day, then you’ll start to consider selling your wedding dress.

Though you enjoy seeing the dress and remembering about your great day, yet you might feel it’s taking too much space in your closet. This is when the thought of what to do with the wedding dress sets in.

Some of our Mimetik Brides have contacted me with questions like “Can I dry my wedding dress so I can wear it another day?”. And the answer is: absolutely yes! Some of them, as they ordered a two-piece wedding dress told me that they have dried only the dress and they kept the lace for their memory box. And I think this is absolutely awesome and cute: you can re-use your dress and you can keep a part of such an important day with you.

But there are more options. In Mimètik we have wedding dresses for all budgets, but a wedding dress can cost lots of money especially if you have a dream wedding dress like a fashionable designer wedding dress. Many brides will spend a fortune to buy a wedding dress. Nevertheless, whether the wedding dress is expensive or not, am sure it will take a large portion of your wedding budget. This is an important part of planning your wedding.

After many months or years that a wedding dress has been kept in the closet, you might think of passing it over to a friend or a family member. Some might donate it for charity, preserve it, frame it or pass it to your daughter. Only a few brides would want to trash their wedding dress.
Why wait till your daughter grows up and the wedding dress might no longer be in vogue or hand over that expensive wedding dress to a friend or family member for free? You can consider selling your wedding dress and gain back a reasonable part of the amount you bought the dress. This isn’t a bad option at all.

Why some brides consider selling their wedding dress

1.    Most times couples are faced with financial pressure after the wedding as a larger part of their savings would have been used up for the wedding preparations. Brides who bought expensive wedding dresses that cost around $1000 to $7000 will likely want to sell the dress and have back some part of the amount for family finance. A wedding dress that originally cost $1000 can be resold at $400 to $700 depending on the condition of the dress

2.    On the other hand, some brides might consider selling their wedding dress because it takes so much space in the closet and does not want to make giving it out to friends and family an option. You wouldn’t want to give yourself any headache on how they handle it

3.    Brides who do not plan on having children with their partner could also consider selling their wedding dress since there will be no daughter to pass it down to

Selling your wedding dress

Many brides who plan to make the decision to sell their wedding dresses are also confronted with the challenge of where to sell the wedding dress. Don’t worry, here are a few of the good places you can sell your wedding dress. You will be surprised to receive a mail about someone wanting to pick up your wedding dress just in 2-4 weeks of listing your wedding dress for sale. Furthermore, you don’t have to start telling people you want to sell your wedding dress if this it’s uncomfortable for you. To save yourself from the explanations you can visit online bridal stores like:

A specific percentage of the selling price will be deducted as commission (be aware of how much is it in each page) and you will have a larger portion of the money back to your pocket.

You can also visit bridal consignment shops in your local area. People who want a beautiful wedding dress at a lower cost will also come and pick it up here, so both parts win ♥

What is clear is that it’s your dress, so selling your wedding dress it’s entirely your decision. Don’t let others decide it for you. Just have some time to think about it. Maybe you find it very hard to decide, as it is part of your special day. But I have two thinkings that I want to share with you. If it’s too hard, maybe it’s not the right choice. But remember that memories are in our hearts and in our minds, not in our boxes.


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