To hire or not to hire a Wedding Planner: Our experience

Hello everyone! Today I want to share some thoughts that may be useful for those who are in the midst of planning their wedding. The idea of working with a Wedding Planner may seem distant, but before dismissing it, take a minute to consider it. Here I'll tell you about our experience and how we decided to approach the organization of our big day.

I don't know if you've ever considered it, but working with a Wedding Planner could be a valuable option. Before diving into the organization of our wedding, I thought this was only done by super rich or famous couples looking for dream weddings.

However, when we faced the reality of planning with two companies and two young daughters, we understood the reason behind this decision.

The work behind a wedding

Organizing a wedding is a monumental task, and having someone manage it can be a great help. The investment, although initially may seem high, is surely worth it.

Photograph of wedding decoration, wooden chairs and flowers are visible

Considering the option of having a Wedding Planner

We actually considered the idea of ​​working with a Wedding Planner. However, when listing everything we had to decide and organize, we realized we wanted to do it ourselves. With years of experience in the industry, I had many ideas I wanted to explore and a great enthusiasm to immerse myself in this exciting project.

Choosing the wedding venue and catering

The confirmation of the venue in La Garriga de Castelladral and the catering marked a point of no return. From my perspective, this part, along with choosing the catering, is the most labor-intensive.

Wedding catering, food and a small blackboard with food names are visible

Pros and cons of not having a Wedding Planner

Opting to do it ourselves has its pros and cons. We save on the Wedding Planner's budget, but we give up the negotiations that this person could do for us. Although managing directly with suppliers involves more work, it also provides more control and closeness to every detail.

Photograph of wedding tables. Candles, glasses, and other decorative objects are visible

For those who choose the independent option, books and planners can be essential allies. Personally, I recommend Bodas de Cuento tools, such as their planner and book.

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