I'm getting married in 2023!

I'm getting married!

I'm getting married in 2023! You don't know how excited we are... well, I guess you do know because if you are around here it means that you have a wedding near you.

The thing is that now we have the mega job of organising everything, which is no small thing.

You might be thinking, "but Mireia, you do this, you're in the business, so it'll be super easy for you".

Ai, my friend!

It's true, I know a lot of people in the sector and at Mimètik we have helped thousands and thousands of brides all over the world. We are full of ideas, special moments and unique stories.

This is exactly what scares me a bit.

Well, this and the fact that I am a super Gemini, with a lot of planets in this sign, including the Sun and the Moon. If you are interested in Astrology, you will already know that this means that I am a lover of information and knowledge and that I am constantly learning new things and combining them together.

Clearly, so much information from the wedding world can be a danger for me... But I also think I will do a good job of synthesis and inspiration.

So, if you let me, I'll be happy to send you emails with the discoveries I'm making and the progress I'm making in terms of inspiration and wedding planning.

What do you think?

For the moment, we are leaning towards a countryside wedding, rather than a beach or city wedding. I love being surrounded by nature in a bohemian atmosphere.

If you are thinking about something similar, here you can read, in less than a minute, the tips to make your wedding in the countryside perfect.

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