Our bridal overlays are the ideal alternative for achieving a completely unique and versatile style for your wedding. Accessory dresses, layered dresses, cover-ups to turn a base dress into an authentic and personal look.

Wide selection of bridal overlays

Wearing a bridal overlay over another wedding dress of your choice is the most original alternative to wear a unique and versatile style on your wedding day. We have a wide selection of styles, from lace finishes for the most romantic brides to tulle for those with a bohemian spirit.

They stand out as accessory dresses to combine with any of our other dresses. Choose a short wedding dress and layer a lace overlay on top if you're looking for a style away from boring conventions.

If your wedding will have a boho-chic inspiration, use a layered tulle dress, you can even choose it in color. Add a flower crown to your hairstyle and bring out your own personality.

The best part? You can give them a second life as many times as you want, both to the base dress and to the overlay. Both options are very versatile and can accompany you to any special occasion.

Overlay dress for a unique and original style

Our cover dresses are not only ideal for brides, if you're a guest at a celebration or event they can be your best allies. They are designed for women with a different personality looking for an original and, above all, versatile style.

We have a wide variety of designs so you can choose the option that best reflects your personality. In tulle, lace, or sheer and even in colors!

If you don't want to buy a party dress that you can only use once, this option is perfect. They stand out for the advantage that they can be worn in a thousand different ways. Layering them over different base dresses and with different accessories that will make it seem like you're wearing them for the first time.

Sheer and lace overlays ideal for all types of events

Wearing a sheer overlay is one of the most spectacular options to go for a bold yet elegant style. All fabrics are made without lining so you can wear it over another dress of your choice, whether in lace, tulle, or even in champagne or blush pink colors.

This allows the dress underneath to be glimpsed under the cover dress, achieving a special and different touch. Whether you're a guest at a celebration, it's your graduation, or you want to get married with an original style, this alternative is perfect.

Explore our selection of bridal overlays and choose the one that best suits your personality. Combine it with a simple base dress, achieve the different touch you're looking for.