Wedding dresses

No conventions or costumes that make you feel disguised. If you want to get married in a dress that highlights your natural beauty and personal style, our simple wedding dresses will help you achieve it. Ideal for a civil wedding, a ceremony in the countryside or by the sea, these dresses stand out for their minimalism.

Simple boho-chic, vintage, romantic and hippie wedding dresses

You are clear that you are not looking to feel like a fairy tale princess and wear a voluminous dress that makes you feel strange. You want to feel like yourself and original and simple wedding dresses are designed just for that.

For this reason, at Mimètik we have a wide selection of these designs capable of enhancing your own style and that combine perfectly with all types of weddings. From simple beach wedding dresses to minimalist dresses in champagne colors, pearl gray or even sequins.

Thanks to their simple lines, they are the perfect dress for boho-chic weddings, those with a vintage feel or those with a hippie feel. Add accessories that are inspired by the style you want and they will be the perfect touch for your dress.

Simple wedding dresses for civil wedding.

You are looking for a ceremony that is far from conventional, but just because it is civil does not mean that you have to give up a dress that makes you look spectacular as well as original.

Our simple and elegant wedding dresses for civil weddings are designed for women looking for timeless charm. The minimalist finish that characterizes them makes them perfect for use on numerous occasions and not just on your wedding day.

We have convertible wedding dresses that stand out for their versatility. You can wear it in infinite ways, making it the perfect dress for every celebration. Ideal if you love the sustainable lifestyle and have a slow fashion wardrobe.

Simple short and long wedding dresses: it makes the difference
If you have opted for a special and original wedding, a short dress can be the perfect touch to get away from looking traditional. This design is versatile and ideal for any type of ceremony.

We have simple vintage wedding dresses for brides who opt for a retro feel. Combine them with shoes of the style and a hairstyle inspired by the 50s.

Choose from the simple and modern wedding dresses in our selection with spectacular lengths. Minimalist and with countless options, from daring open backs, strapless or even long sleeves for winter.

Buy simple and inexpensive wedding dresses

Finding a dress that doesn't make you spend thousands of euros to wear it for just one day seems like an impossible mission, but we have simple and affordable wedding dresses for civil, religious weddings or surrounded by nature.

Our designs stand out for their competitive price and excellent quality. And not only that, the selection of more minimalist lines allows you to use the dress on other occasions, allowing you to get much more out of your investment. If you are looking for simple wedding dresses at affordable prices, you are in the right place.

Mimètik's simple wedding dresses are waiting for you, make the most of your natural beauty and shine like never before.

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