Tips for choosing your wedding shoes

Not sure how to find the right shoes or sneakers for your big day ? The right height, how comfortable they are, what matches your style and above all, what makes you feel authentic and 100% you. There are so many things to keep in mind!
Here I tell you the best tips and tricks on how to choose bridal shoes for your wedding . Finding the ideal pair will be much easier, you'll see.

3 Tips to choose the ideal wedding shoe for you

I have the perfect dress, but how do I choose the shoes for my wedding ? The safest thing is that you repeat this thought constantly, but don't worry, it usually happens with this complement. I've compiled some tips to help you find the pair that best reflects your style.

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Choose your dress first

Long or short dress? With a romantic air or something more bohemian? Choosing your wedding shoes according to the dress will help you achieve a spectacular total look. Accessories can make or break an outfit, so this accessory is one of the most important.
Look for similar elements between both elements to match your style and taste. If you want to bet on short dresses with a retro air, pointed heels are perfect, if you want a boho and romantic touch , bridal wedges combine with that essence.
In addition, many wonder what color of shoes for a wedding dress is the most appropriate. Perhaps you even ask yourself. White is the most traditional, but do you want to get away from the boring conventions? Then choose an ivory colored wedding shoe , they give an original touch and combine with any style.

Take into account the place of the ceremony and celebration

Do you have an outdoor wedding or in a country house? Garden or ballroom? Church? Think about where you are going to celebrate your wedding when you choose the shoes to be married to make sure that your choice of footwear will not prevent you from enjoying yourself because you will not be able to walk comfortably in the place where you do it.
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Stiletto heels are ideal for church or if the celebration is inside a hall. But if you dream of a wedding surrounded by nature , be it a ceremony in the forest, on the beach or with the reception at the banquet in an outdoor garden, it is essential to choose shoes that do not sink into the grass or sand.
For these places , bridal espadrilles or wedges are the most suitable option, since they are off-road shoes, ideal for you to walk without any problem. Another alternative, if you want to wear a more rugged style, are some sneakers, the Converse are my favorites because they give a unique touch.

Know all types of heels

Buying wedding dress shoes after choosing the suit you are going to wear will help you get the pair that is the right height. Knowing the types of heels that exist will make the process easier for you. I help you not to miss any.
  • tall . It has a height of more than 12 cm, ideal if you are short and put up with them without problems.
  • medium . This is the most common, the height is between 8-12 cm. It is one of the favorites of brides, as it is comfortable and adds a touch of elegance.
  • low . This alternative is increasingly popular among brides, since it is an easy shoe to wear and allows you to enjoy the party to the fullest. I personally love short wedding dresses, ideal for Mimètik who want a style with a vintage air.
  • Flat . Who said that high heels are mandatory for weddings? The flat shoe is taking the top positions among brides with more personality.
    They will make you look just as elegant and feminine, but with a different touch, without sacrificing comfort. They can be sandals, ideal for a beach wedding, even in slippers, a most groundbreaking option.
  • Bridal wedges . Bridal espadrilles or espadrilles are one of the most chosen alternatives for weddings , not only for the moment of the dance, but for the entire celebration, including the ceremony.
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They are comfortable, elegant, it is possible to find them in all heights to match the style of your dress and provide a boho touch that I love. Without a doubt, my favorite option for brides who have a bohemian spirit and are looking for a romantic air. Soon we will have a collection in our atelier and in our online store .
Put these tips into practice on how to choose bridal shoes for your wedding and find the perfect pair that matches not only your dress, but also your personality. The final touch to achieve a bridal look that represents you 100%.