If you're one of those brides getting married in winter or want some extra coverage over your shoulders or arms, then the bridal shawl will be your best ally. Discover the elegant selection from Mimètik, both for brides and guests. The perfect accessory for your romantic wedding dress.

Shawls for brides and parties

Explore our selection of shawls for party and bridal dresses, a wide variety of designs, fabrics, and shapes for you to find the one that best fits your dress. On the website, you can buy a bridal shawl online with sophisticated designs, both in lace and soft tulle.

If you're a guest or looking for a party shawl for your bridesmaids, you can also choose from our collection and find the design you need. The most comfortable accessory to provide extra coverage to your shoulders, chest, and back.

Shoulder covers for weddings and parties

Party shoulder covers are essential for places where the protocol is strict, such as during the church ceremony. These adapt to any ceremony, both elegant and more casual.

Our shawls are easy to combine, and you can wear them in different ways thanks to their wide versatility. From the classic way of wearing it over the shoulders and letting it fall over the arms to an original way, such as crossed at the back or fastened with a brooch.

At Mimètickbcn, we advise you on the most original ways and those that suit you best to make the most of your dress.

Party and bridal stoles

Stoles for brides and parties are ideal for weddings held in winter. Not only do they help you stay warm, but they also add a special touch to the dress. It's an elegant accessory that will make your outfit look spectacular and suitable for the coldest time of the year.

Buying bridal stoles is the best option, as it's an accessory that will help you enjoy your special day without worrying about the weather. Faux fur stoles with a soft and exquisite finish for an extra warmth. Easy to pair with our wedding dresses.

Immerse yourself in our bridal shawl selection and find the most elegant coverage for your shoulders or arms. Treat yourself to some extra comfort.