Tips for writing your wedding vows that make you feel authentic

I know, writing wedding vows may seem difficult, you may feel blocked by wanting to find the exact words that express what you feel for that special person. But believe me, it will be worth it when the time comes.
To help you find the inspiration you need, I bring you the best tips for writing your wedding vows . It's one of my favorite parts of the ceremony, here they go!

What are wedding vows?

Many people wonder what vows are at a wedding. Perhaps you even ask yourself. The nuptial vows are the words that each couple says to each other, they consist of the promises that seal their commitment to each other during the ceremony. It's a precious moment that gives me goosebumps.
The most traditional thing is that the officiant is in charge of pronouncing the promises of the marriage vows, especially in those that are predetermined. However, nowadays you can totally personalize the words, making it one of the most emotional moments of the wedding.
I always recommend that you do your wedding your way. And if writing the vows and saying them out loud makes you feel authentic, do it even if it is not the most used option here. You know, your wedding, your rules.

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How to write wedding vows

You are clear that you want to write your own words, but how to make the marriage vows ? It seems more complicated than it is, especially at the beginning, since it is usual to be blocked. These tips can help you.

Agree on a format in advance

If you want to keep your vows secret until the big day you can, but it's best to agree on a specific format . Things like humor, for example, may be fine for one of the two but not for the other.
Discuss the length of the vows so that you both write the same amount of words, more or less. Of course, if you want to write the vows together, that's also a great idea. Sometimes the Mimètik Brides come to the Atelier with their future husbands, total rapport!

Don't do it all at once

This is great advice for people who don't write all the time; don't try to write everything in one afternoon. Some of the best writers on the planet take breaks from their writing. That way, they can come back to it with a fresh mind, a clearer perspective, or new inspiration. Do the same and you will see the difference!
Take a couple of hours a day to write and then stop. Come back a day or two later, write some more, and then stop again.
Do this until you perfect your wedding vows and believe that they truly represent how you feel about your special someone. You'll be surprised how well it works, trust me.

Don't put things too personal

Yes, your wedding vows are supposed to be romantic and speak of deep personal feelings. That said, don't go too far because, remember, all your friends and family will be listening.
This does not mean that you do not add anecdotes or that you skip some inside joke, just that you do not overdo it or you will lose the attention of all the guests.

Consider the promises you want to make

They're called vows for a reason, so the promises are the most important part. You can add some broader ones, like “always be there to support you”, but you can also include some specific ones that make sense to both of you, like “always waiting for you to see the new episode of the series you watch together”.
The most important thing is that you make promises that you can keep over time and that make sense to you.

Make a list of the points you want to touch on and answer questions about it

This tip is perfect if you're having trouble typing. Make a list of questions and then answer them. This is a great way to find inspiration based on facts you already know. From where did you meet, what did you think the first time you saw him, what hobbies do you enjoy together or what do you like most about his personality.
Having a checklist with everything you want to say at that unique moment will make it easier for you to write the votes, since you will have all the ideas clear.

Examples of wedding vows

The moment of the reading of wedding vows is one of the most special of the ceremony, so here are some examples of the type of alternatives that you can write. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and that it represents your personality perfectly. You know, at your wedding you have to feel authentic and 100% you.
votos nupciales

funny wedding vows

A little laughter is likely to help calm any nerves you or your partner may be feeling, plus it's a great reflection of how much fun you're having together. The key is to keep the fun wedding vows light-hearted and simple.
If you are looking for something a little different and get away from the more traditional “I do”, writing original civil wedding vows with a touch of humor is ideal for you.


Do you want to bring out your most romantic side right now? Romantic wedding vows are a classic and never fail , after all, it is the moment where you express what you feel for each other and what you expect from this union.
Unleash your most romantic side and write down everything your partner makes you feel, from the moment you met to the little things that make you fall in love with her day by day. Love of power!


Traditional wedding vows follow a specific format that varies by religion. Saying the wedding vows (or its equivalent) symbolizes the moment when the couple becomes engaged and forms a marriage union.
You can use the traditional wedding vows exactly as they are written or using some parts, but personalizing them with your own words or making some modifications. You decide, the traditional ones are ideal for a religious wedding.

Of movies

Are you movie buffs or series lovers? Wedding vows for a civil wedding using movie references are one of the funniest options. This idea is great, especially if you are fans of a saga or a series that you always watch together.

Put into practice these tips on how to write your wedding vows and enjoy the moment, in the end, they will be perfect in the ceremony, so don't get too obsessed. Relax and let what you feel for your partner flow, it is the most important thing.