Discovering Balance: Our Journey to the Perfect Wedding

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you another piece of my exciting journey towards the altar. If you've been following my story, you'll know that Pedro and I had very different visions of how we wanted our big day to be. Keep reading to find out how we found the perfect balance!

The Perfect Wedding

When we started imagining how we wanted our wedding day to be, our ideas clashed in many aspects, especially in size and the number of guests.

If you know me a little, you can imagine that I was a supporter of "more is more", while Pedro preferred something more intimate. Although we're not total opposites, in this aspect, our visions diverged quite a bit. So, how did we resolve this? We opted for a middle ground that made us both feel comfortable.

Photograph from one end of the wedding guest table, where the bride and groom are seen celebrating

Exploring Wedding Emotions

I could write a book about everything planning a wedding evokes. From insecurities to uncomfortable reflections on relationships with friends and family, the process led us to question things that we don't even consider in our daily routine.

Disagreements with your partner are inevitable during wedding planning. Feelings that arise while you're envisioning this special day. Of course, there's a very large volume of positive emotions, but discussions and arguments also arise. And, many times, uncomfortable conversations with the partner and with close people.

Photograph of Mireia walking with a man, she wears her wedding dress and the man wears a formal suit

Tips for Overcoming Challenges

I tell you this to explain that it's normal if during the process of organizing and deciding how you want your wedding to be, you get frustrated, angry, and even wonder how it's possible that you're about to get married and each of you has such a different image.

It haaaaappens. This happens.

In fact, it happens most of the time. If it's not with the wedding image, it's with the number of guests. And if not, with the budget. So relax, it's normal for friction points to arise during the process. What I can recommend is to talk about it a lot and, if you do any kind of coaching or therapy, sharing it in that private space will be great for you.

Photograph of the couple walking and smiling with two girls. Flower petals are in the air Photograph of the groom tying a ribbon on a branch of a tree during the ceremony Photograph of the bride and groom sitting with girls, attentively listening to a man standing speaking to them through a microphone

Our Clear Vision of the Wedding

Despite the initial differences, we had a clear vision. We wanted a Mediterranean celebration, a summer festivity, with long tables, bulbs, nature, and lots of revelry. With this image in mind, we began to visualize every detail.

Do you have an idea or an image of how you would like your wedding to be? Perhaps you can start imagining it with this.

Sending you a huge hug,