What to do with the wedding dress after the wedding?

The idea of buying a wedding dress to only wear it on one occasion does not seem very attractive to you. It means spending money not to wear it anymore and it's not very sustainable, and we don't have a Planet B!
But if, like me, you care about the environment and think that we have to be more sustainable every day, you will love what I am going to tell you in this post. Find out what to do with the wedding dress after the wedding. Take advantage of the fact that it has accompanied you in a most special moment and give it a second life.

6 Things you can do with your wedding dress after the celebration

It's important to realize that your wedding dress can have life long after the big day. A lot of time, money and nerves went into it, and you only used it for a few hours. This does not have to be the end of the road, take a look at all the things you can do with your wedding dress after the celebration.

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Donate your dress to a good cause

If you are a supportive couple, the alternative of donating it is surely the one that best suits you. Thinking that your dress will help those most in need is a precious reason to do so.
There are different associations and places where you can donate it. At Fundación Naim, a non-profit organization that collects and gives clothes to people who can not afford this expense. The NGO Oxfam has stores where they sell donated products and be able to finance themselves with that money to continue doing good causes.
If you prefer, you can be the one who gives the dress to a bride who needs it. It may take you longer to find the perfect candidate, but being able to see her excited face when she puts on the dress is most enriching.

Color it or cut it for something totally different

Modify the dress, for example turning it into a midi or short dress, even separating it into two pieces with a skirt and top. This will make it easier for you to wear it on all kinds of occasions and you will still retain its sentimental value.
teñir vestido de novia
If cutting the bottom of your dress a bit isn't enough for you, it's time to take it to another level and dye it! Out with the old and in with the new: dye your wedding dress to get a totally renewed one. With this change, you could wear it on numerous occasions and celebrations. Consult a professional if the fabric of your dress can be dyed and choose dark colors so that they adhere well to the dress. The result will be unique and groundbreaking!
A Mimètik can be dyed without problems as long as dark tones are used.

Post-wedding photo session

This alternative has become popular in recent years, it is known as “Trash the Dress” you have surely heard of it. It consists of doing a photo session after the wedding without worrying about the state of the dress.
And do you know the best of all? That a Mimétik is off-road and is designed so that you can go elopement or take spectacular post-wedding photos. Then you just have to clean it, which can even be done in the washing machine itself, at least in satin knits.
sesión de fotos post boda
Personally, it seems to me the most fun option and where you will get natural photos that represent you 100%.
Whether it's a romantic underwater session at your honeymoon destination, a holi-powder party or a session full of mud and adventure in the mountains. Choose a place that you are passionate about and make a farewell in style, from which you will also have a memory forever.

Sell ​​it

If you're feeling the post-wedding budget crunch, you can make a little money back by selling your dress. Not everyone feels an emotional attachment to the dress, and if you don't either, you don't have to keep it, take advantage of it and recover your investment.

lend it to someone special

Who says that wedding dresses cannot be lent to friends or special people for you? Not me, that's for sure! You can leave it to your best friend or save it to give it to your daughter when the time comes. Giving it a second life this special is the most emotional.

Frame it or use it as a special decoration

If you want to store it, you don't have to keep it hidden in your closet. One option is to leave your dress intact and hang it in a painting, a special memory that you will always remember when you see it.
Another alternative, although for this you have to cut it, but it is very useful for when you do not have too much space at home, is to use the fabric of the dress for another special object that is part of the decoration.
You can make cushions for the bed, a special quilt or make wedding ring holders to give to your children at their wedding.
ideas de que hacer con el vestido de novia
Now you have a lot of ideas about what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding, choose your favorite and dare to give it a second life. And if you don't remember the Friends wedding dress episode, it never hurts to have a night of wine and friends in wedding dresses. And you, which one do you prefer?
As a designer, my proposals are committed to sustainable and bohemian designs, a dress that can accompany you on more occasions. Like the convertible wedding dresses, my great proposal, which you can place in countless positions thanks to its versatility to achieve a different look at each celebration.
In addition, with a Mimètik you can take advantage of one of the capes to wear them on other occasions, for example to celebrate your wedding anniversary.
A perfect alternative if you share the fast fashion philosophy, since you can wear it after the wedding, take it to a special event or even to celebrate your anniversary every year with a different outfit, but loaded with sentimental value. There's no planet B!