My unforgettable marriage proposal: A magical and authentic moment

Hello! Today I want to tell you my story, something I never thought I would experience: a marriage proposal that broke all the norms.

Proposal? But... is this still a thing?

Well, the truth is I have no idea, but I had a beautiful marriage proposal. Like in a movie.

Did I expect it? Not at all.

Photograph of Pedro and Mireia at their wedding, sitting holding hands

I, who am a huge fan of 90s Grunge, who wore the striped sweater I copied from Kurt Cobain (my crush) all through my adolescence and knitted it myself, I who consider myself the most alternative in the neighborhood. Well yes, I had a marriage proposal. And not just any proposal.

The Marriage Proposal

Enter Pedro and the restaurant team, conspiring to orchestrate an extraordinary proposal. Turns out the restaurant had only 4 tables, two Michelin stars!, and I was about to experience a moment that I wouldn't have even imagined in my wildest dreams.

Mireia and Pedro at their wedding. Mireia wears her wedding dress with a bouquet of flowers

MARVELOUS proposal with memorable details:

Imagine this: a beautiful ring emerges like an unexpected dessert, and two waiters captured the whole sequence and my reaction: with tears. Yes, my friends, my proposal was recorded for posterity. What madness! Pedro had organized everything with such care that I didn't even expect it.

I swear the tears didn't wait. The restaurant, with its two Michelin star elegance, was filled with applause and congratulations. Who would have thought that my love story would have this touch of glamour?

Don't Skimp on Love Demonstrations!

I'm not going to share the intimate details because I keep those to myself (if you're in my inner circle, you've already received the videos) but I want to share a reflection with you. Don't skimp on love demonstrations. On saying I love you and showing it to your partner (and, of course, to all the people you love). There's always a good time to show how you feel. Whether in private or in front of others, that's up to personal preference.

Black and white photograph of the couple from afar, standing and holding hands Mireia and Pablo holding hands leaning on different sides of a wall

And, above all, don't have preconceived ideas. As I've explained, I thought that marriage proposals were super classic and had nothing to do with me. If you want to propose, come up with something beautiful, a text, a phrase, a place that unites you, that has meaning for the couple. Whatever makes you happy.

What Has My Marriage Proposal Taught Me?

Love doesn't follow predefined scripts. My unexpected marriage proposal made it clear to me that creativity and originality can transform a common moment into something extraordinary. Long live love in all its forms!

Big hug,


PS: And long live Mimètik!