Short bridesmaid dresses

In Mimètik's team we pamper the bride, but also her bridesmaids and guests, because we know that it is also a special celebration for them. Discover our selection of short bridesmaid dresses, designs for all styles with varied colors.

Short bridesmaid dresses: convertible designs to make you look unique and different.

Have you received the invitation to be the bridesmaid for that couple so important to you? Or are you the bride and you are deciding what dress to wear to this special group? At Mimètik you can buy short bridesmaid dresses ideal for every style.

In addition, we have convertible dresses, the straps can be worn in countless ways. From neckline, strapless dress, sleeves or even back neckline, each time it is a new dress, you can wear it in many more celebrations!

These designs have the advantage that each bridesmaid can wear it in the way that best suits her. With the same style, but unique and different so that each one has her own stamp.

In addition, you can opt for bridesmaid skirts to make your own combinations.


Short wedding guest dresses

If you are looking for where to buy short wedding guest dresses, we have what you need. At Mimètik we have a wide variety of styles, designs and a range of colors to choose from.

Accompany your friends or family on your most special day with a dress that represents you and that you can combine in a thousand different ways with our convertible designs. Wear it with heels, Converse or wedges to adapt it to the type of celebration, our designs are easy to wear with all kinds of accessories.

And that's not the best part! You can wear it to another event and look like you're wearing it for the first time, since you can wear it in a thousand different ways.

Explore our selection of short bridesmaid dresses and look unique to accompany your friends on the big day.

Discover our short bridesmaid dresses and look spectacular. Convertible designs to suit your style and wear it in a thousand different ways.

If you prefer, we also have long bridesmaid dresses.

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