Wedding planning tips: My own wedding

Welcome to my blog, where I have shared countless stories about weddings. Real, authentic weddings of my Mimètik brides.

Pedro and Mireia's Wedding

In these posts, I explain how they met, what stands out most about their connection, how their wedding was, and everything the couples want to share with me.

I've always been fascinated by getting to know these stories from the inside.

Today, I'm writing an extra special post for me. The one about my own wedding with Pedro.

Photograph of Mireia and Pedro at their wedding to illustrate MimétikBcn's blog article

Wedding Preparations

As you can imagine, having spent more than a decade in the world of brides, I was eager to make an incredibly special wedding. So, I dedicated myself deeply to seeking inspiration for two years to ensure that every detail reflected our essence and style.

This means starting by having long conversations with Pedro, my partner, to ensure that both of us would be super comfortable and proud of our wedding.

Black and white photograph of Mireia in her wedding dress, during her wedding preparations

Throughout this series of posts, I'll tell you how we decided every aspect of the wedding so you can discover ideas, formulas, and strategies to:

  • Have an authentic wedding aligned with you and your partner
  • Understand what is important to you and what you're thinking of doing to make others happy (and what to do with this)
  • Save money on things you really don't care about and still maintain exceptional quality

Stay tuned, as I'll be posting content from Monday to Friday directly to your inbox.

Today, we start from the beginning:

The Wedding Venue

Discover La Garriga de Castelladral: A Magical Setting for Our Wedding

In 2020, three months after the lockdown, we decided to spend a family weekend with a photo session included. At that time, my life was saturated with a two-month-old baby, a 3-year-old daughter, a bridal dress company, a team of 8 people, and managing my personal brand.

And I thought I could have a quieter second maternity leave...

When we saw the opportunity to enjoy a weekend at La Garriga de Castelladral with a family photo session, we didn't hesitate. We needed to disconnect and were excited to have more family photos.

Photograph of one of the tables at Mireia and Pedro's wedding at La Garriga de Castelladral. Mountains can be seen in the background.

If you don't know La Garriga, let me explain. It's an impressive farmhouse with a unique energy, where every detail is carefully thought out to offer an exceptional experience. We fell deeply in love with this place!

I remember that, while enjoying a coffee on Sunday morning, we said, "If we ever get married, it will be here." Although it wasn't confirmed that we would get married, this farmhouse became our preferred choice.


In the next posts, I'll share more details, where I talk about Kurt Cobain and the proposal. Seriously, there was a movie-like proposal.

Stay tuned and receive a huge hug from me!


PS: A true wonder!