Wedding dresses

Are you looking for a bohemian dress for your rustic wedding? Our lace wedding dresses are designed for a country celebration, ideal for the most original brides.

It is one of the most classic fabrics for weddings, but we opt for something different. Discover the unexpected twists of our selection, far from typical outfits and with authentic boho inspiration.

Lace wedding dresses: the perfect romantic touch

If your style is more bohemian, go for a hippie lace wedding dress. A design that combines plumeti tulle with lace. On the contrary, if you love the chic style, you can choose a romantic lace wedding dress, with flowing skirts.

Buying lace wedding dresses does not have to mean spending thousands of euros. With your Mimètik you can enjoy a quality bohemian dress at an irresistible price and shine like never before.

We also have a collection of wedding dresses with tulle. Choose one according to your personality!

Lace wedding dresses: the most versatile alternative

If you want to look different on your wedding day, two-piece embroidered lace wedding dresses are one of the most original trends for brides. Combining a skirt with a lace top provides an authentic and special style.

We have different designs of dresses with a lace top to enjoy the vaporousness of the skirt with a romantic touch thanks to the lace. These wedding dresses are the most versatile, with them you can express all your creativity thanks to the fact that there are infinite possibilities of wearing them.

With us you can find a wide variety of options to choose from so that your dress perfectly reflects your own style.

Backless wedding dresses with lace with boho-chic inspiration

Dare to show off a spectacular open back with lace. Dresses designed for brides with the freest spirit with soft lines and a particularly natural feel. An unexpected look, perfect for breaking with the traditional image that manages to give a different and sophisticated air.

Romantic and vintage wedding dresses with lace for the most retro brides

If you adore the nostalgic and magical style of another era, a vintage lace wedding dress is capable of making you look different with an inspiring retro air. Designed in lace with lines inspired by 1920s clothing.

Choose from our simple short lace wedding dresses, you won't be able to resist the selection we have designed for you. Combine these timeless designs with accessories that provide the finishing touch for this style, such as a wave hairstyle and vintage heels.

Long and short sleeve lace wedding dresses for summer or winter

For ceremonies in the coldest seasons, wearing long sleeves is the best option. Getting married in winter or autumn has a special charm, especially in areas surrounded by nature.

Wedding dresses with transparencies and lace on the sleeves provide a boho and romantic touch. You can add a lace bolero with sleeves to our simple wedding dresses to enjoy the minimalist lines of the dress. And not only in white, you can also choose it in other colors, such as black to provide a different touch.

Short sleeves are an ideal alternative for hotter times if you don't want to bare your shoulders. Being a transparent fabric will help you not get hot and will provide a different touch to the dress.

Explore our selection of lace wedding dresses with a boho-chic inspiration that adds a romantic touch to your wedding.