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Whether you are invited to a wedding, it is your graduation or you are proud to attend the celebration of the birth of the little one of that special couple, for you. Discover our wide collection for all kinds of events, you can buy party dresses that fully adapt to your own style. Different, elegant designs with a unique touch.

Prom dresses online: long and short

Have you received the invitation for your best friend's wedding? Is that special couple for you going to have a little one in the family and wants to celebrate his birth with you? Do you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary in a special way? Any occasion is perfect to throw a good party and here you can find the perfect outfit to attend the event.

Our vintage short party dresses are the best option to break the rules. Ideal to combine them in countless different ways. Wear them with wedges, heels or even Converse.

Best of all, you can wear it to various events and wear different accessories to make it look like you're wearing it for the first time. You can give him a second, third and as many lives as you want!

If you want a long party dress , we have a wide selection of designs so you can find the one that best reflects your personality. Available in numerous colours, with different fabrics for all kinds of styles, from simple and minimalist to bohemian.

If what you are looking for are dresses for bridesmaids, we also have a catalogue. Check out!

Long, Half and Sleeveless Prom Dresses

It does not matter what season you have the event, whether it is cold or hot, our party dresses are designed so that you can use them at any time thanks to the wide variety of options to choose from.

If you have an event in winter, then long-sleeved party dresses will be your best allies. They provide a special touch to the outfit, while protecting you from the cold. You will look spectacular and it is the best option for the coldest time of the year.

Do you have a hard time deciding between short or long? That's what half-sleeved dresses are for , an excellent alternative if you have doubts about whether it will be cold or hot. With this type of design, success is guaranteed, since it adapts perfectly to any season. The best thing is that you can use it on more than one occasion.

For events in spring or summer, our sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses will make you look spectacular. From bohemian party dresses with simple and flowing lines tied at the neck to simple and elegant strapless dresses. It's up to you.

Dresses for events and graduations

The time has finally come to celebrate your hard work over the years and you're looking for the perfect dress to do so. In our collection of prom dresses you will find everything from daring designs with the back to the air to original dresses in two pieces to look unique.

And not only that. Our designs adapt to any type of event thanks to its variety of fabrics, styles and colors so that you can use it on the special occasion you need. If you are invited to the birth of a little one, to a special wedding or another party, you can find the best one for the event and that most reflects your own style.

Your party dress store in Barcelona

Dive into our selection of party dresses and find the perfect outfit for that special occasion. And if you are looking for a party dress store in Barcelona, ask for an appointment at Atelier Mimètik, I look forward to seeing you and helping you choose the alternative that best reflects your personality.