Try on your wedding dress like this

How to make sure your dress fitting doesn't turn out cold

It was clear to me in 2009, when I started selling online. And although things have changed a lot

(like people no longer call me crazy when I tell them what I do), differences exist and will always exist.

By this I mean no, buying your wedding dress online is not for everyone.

Perhaps you already know, you are not a person who likes this type of service.

If so, then you will be happy to enjoy our Atelier Experience

and receive advice from Natalia, our Atelier manager.

But perhaps it will happen to you like one of our Mimètik Brides, who had

afraid of being alone in her dress fitting. They did not want to receive their package,

the dress that they had looked at and bought online with such enthusiasm, and open it

alone at home, in her room, and try it on with her socks from all day and

with a badly done bow from spending 8 hours in front of the computer.

Ohhh noooo please no.

Oh really. Do this:

When you receive your dress, please don't open it. Call your mother, sister and friend of the

soul. Find a day that goes well for all of you. I know that you are dying to

open it now, but seriously, do this.

Get a face mask, put on moisturizer. if you normally go

make up, make up Comb your hair, for God's sake. comb your hair comb your hair

Prepare some cocktails, teas or coffees, some pastries or open a bottle of cava or

champagne. And sit your tribe on the couch.

Try on the dress without looking in the mirror. And go out to the living room.

Look at the faces of your fans. Let them talk. Hug each other. And let the emotion run.

This is the proof of your wedding dress.