Wedding dresses

You love to get away from conventions and are looking for a different wedding dress capable of reflecting your personality. Our colorful wedding dresses will make you feel different and say “no” to the white ones. Who said all weddings have to be the same? They would be so boring!

Buy colored wedding dresses in Barcelona

White is the most traditional color for wedding dresses, but the suit you wear has to reflect your personality, your tastes and your own style. So if you don't imagine yourself dressed in white, don't think twice, at Mimètik you can buy colorful wedding dresses for a civil wedding.

Explore the options, we advise you to take care of every detail and choose the one that best represents you. From tulle dresses in champagne color, pearl gray or even an elegant black lace dress. Your wedding, your rules!

If you are not convinced by the color, you can opt for more traditional colors with romantic designs such as wedding dresses with tulle or if you are looking for a hippie or boho look you will love wedding dresses with lace.

Dare to wear original colorful wedding dresses

Taking a risk with wedding dresses in different colors can be a great success. These eye-catching dresses add a touch of special personality to your big day. If you are looking to get away from the “old school” tradition, you will fall in love with this alternative.

The colored dresses are already original on their own, but if you want a different and unique style you can choose wedding dresses with combined colors, such as the champagne body of the dress and the ivory lace body. If you want to wear a white dress with a touch of color, you can choose the white bodice and make the difference with a rose quartz lace bodice.

Two-color wedding dresses are a safe bet, perfect for a bohemian-style wedding. Make the combinations you want with each element in our collection.

Wedding dresses with color (short and long): surprise in a unique way.

Short colorful wedding dresses are the most different and special option if you are an unconventional bride. Say goodbye to the typical long, pristine white dresses, we have a wide range of bridal looks that opt ​​for another color and that will help you rock the stage.

If you prefer a bohemian touch, long colorful wedding dresses are one of the most authentic proposals. From roses, quartz, earth, champagne, gray or even light blue. For brides with a strong and determined character, opting for a full-color dress is the most daring option.

Wedding dresses in pastel and simple colors: the best alternative to white
If you want to get away from the traditional style, but dream of an elegant and romantic style, you can opt for pastel or champagne tones to get a different yet bohemian touch.

Pastel colors are a safe bet for the most minimalist brides who, despite not wanting to wear white, want a simple shade that reflects their own style.

Immerse yourself in our selection of colored wedding dresses and choose the shade that best represents you. From an elegant champagne tone, a white dress with a nude lace bodice or even a dress with combined colors for a more daring touch.