Rustic wedding dresses: A bohemian and natural dream

I’m in love with boho and rustic weddings. I’m smited by relaxed weddings in barns, weddings in the countryside and weddings in backyards. I can easily see how people cherish those memories, even though it’s not a big fat wedding –or because of it! I love the décor, the dresses, and the overall feeling. If you are like me, and you love this too, then you need to get inspired by our rustic wedding dresses

What to expect from a rustic boho wedding dress?

Expect a wedding dress that is comfortable and relaxed; fabrics that are not tight; soft tulles and laces; ivory satin jersey instead of pure white. A rustic boho wedding dress is made to all the bohemian brides that look for simplicity and naturality in their day-to-day and want something similar for her wedding day. You don’t need to feel strained with your bridal gown! Ask for a boho wedding dress that is exactly what you need and 100% you.

Look at your rustic style wedding dresses online

There are two different ways to get your rustic wedding dress: you can place the order online and get it in a week and then make it hemmed in your city. Or you can come to the Atelier and get your personalized experience (we are a showroom, not a store). Pick the option that best works for you, but start always looking at our website. You’ll see rustic wedding dresses in lace and in tulle, bridal gowns in ivory or in champagne, or even in color! Take your time and get inspired. At the end, I’m sure you’ll get your perfect Mimètik and you’ll be a beautiful Mimètik Bride.