How to choose your rustic bridal bouquet

Have you started thinking about your ideal rustic bridal bouquet? Carrying a piece of nature with you during your special day has always seemed like a very nice gesture. But there are a lot of ways to wear it: typologies, shapes, colors...
If you have ever come to our bridal atelier in Barcelona , ​​I am sure you already know. But if this day hasn't come yet (we'd love to meet you, just make an appointment! ), I want you to know that at Mimètik we always recommend an expert in floral themes. She is Rosa from Au Nom de la Rose , who, along with her team, are absolute professionals. She has a beautiful flower shop on Valencia street in Barcelona, ​​very close to us. And the truth is that I think there is no one who knows how to better capture the essence of our brides.
That is why I asked her for advice on how to find the ideal rustic bridal bouquet so that our bohemian Mimètik brides would have a clear reference. In this post we are going to deal with the three key points that you should keep in mind when choosing your rustic bridal bouquet: seasonality, anticipation and your own style. Ready to choose your ideal rustic bridal bouquet?

Seasonality in bridal bouquets

As you already know, flowers have seasonality. Not all flowers are always available naturally. For this reason, it is better that you know when it is more advisable to think of one or another flower for your rustic bridal bouquet depending on when your wedding is celebrated.


Spring is, without a doubt, the peak season for weddings. Everyone wants their wedding day to be a day with spectacular weather, and this is the best time of year for it. If you are a spring bride, I recommend that you add peonies to your rustic bridal bouquet, as they will give you a special and precious touch.
flowers for wedding


In the case of the most summer weddings, dahlias and hydrangeas are the queens of any rustic bridal bouquet. With their large size, they will add a lot of presence to your look.
bohemian flower decoration


I know I've said that most people want to get married in the spring, but I'm a fan of “off-season” weddings. Fall weddings, for example, I think they let you play a lot with a lot of elements that will make your wedding super original. And what about those ocher tones? They couldn't be prettier. If you are a fall bride, I have this post where there is a lot of inspiration that will surely help you with your fall bohemian wedding.
For your rustic autumn bridal bouquet, I advise you to choose a flower like a hydrangea. But don't stop there. Play with different elements that are not flowers, such as red fruits, for example, which will make your rustic bridal bouquet something super special.


If you have read one of my latest posts , you will know that I am also a huge fan of winter or winter-inspired weddings. They can be super cozy weddings with a unique atmosphere. For this type of wedding, I recommend a rustic bridal bouquet with buttercups, bulbous flowers and… cotton! The cotton is beautiful and with a super original touch, that I assure you. You can see it in this beautiful Christmas-inspired bouquet made with red roses, holly and cotton. beautiful ♥
winter bridal bouquet

The timeless bouquet

If you don't want to worry about seasonality, I recommend that you choose, without a doubt, a bouquet of roses. Roses are the specialty of Au Nom de la Rose, and I assure you that they create beautiful things with them. There are all kinds of roses for all kinds of rustic bridal bouquets, and with plenty of color options! Without a doubt, roses are the most complete flower.
bridal bouquet of roses

Decisive factors to choose your bouquet

There is an established order of preference that will tell you what you should pay attention to: dress, style of the wedding, place of the celebration.
eucalyptus bridal bouquet

The bouquet and the wedding dress

The first thing you have to see is what type of dress you will wear, and choose a bouquet format accordingly. If your dress is princess type, for example, I recommend a bouquet of natural flowers. But if you have chosen a bohemian wedding dress, perhaps a wild rustic bridal bouquet of preserved flowers is what best suits your style.

The bouquet and the style of the wedding

The style of your wedding marks everything that will revolve around it. This, therefore, includes the bouquet. As you know, the most important thing is that your rustic bridal bouquet matches your wedding dress, because in the end you will be the one wearing it and the one who will appear with it in the photos. Even so, the concordance with the wedding in general will always be a point in favor. Here are some very basic tips:
  • If yours is a rustic wedding… I recommend a wild bridal bouquet, which pulls towards the most natural possible forms
  • If yours is an urban wedding… I recommend that you play a lot with colors, take risks and be original
  • If yours is a traditional wedding… I recommend that you bet on a well compressed bouquet, it will go ideal with your princess wedding dress

The bouquet and the venue

Depending on where you are from, there will also be one or another trend for the style of your rustic bridal bouquet. For example, in the United Kingdom and the United States, bridal bouquets are popular, the bigger the better, while in Spain a smaller type of bouquet is more popular. There are even trends such as not having flowers in the bouquet, and that they are simply beautiful herbs. Also, as advice I will tell you that the shorter you are, the better if your bouquet is smaller. If not, you will lose yourself behind him!
large rustic bridal bouquet

How far in advance do you need to get your ideal rustic bridal bouquet

When a topic is related to weddings, there is always a question that is repeated: how far in advance do I have to do it? In this post we talk about the topic of timings, and you will find a time planner that I am sure will be great for you.
In the case of the bouquet it is easy. As soon as you have decided on the dress, you can choose the bouquet. Yes, we have already seen that the most important thing regarding the choice of your ideal rustic bridal bouquet is that you have the chosen dress, and do it according to it.
Of course, look to choose your bouquet at least a month in advance, to guarantee that you can have your ideal bouquet. In the case of Au Nom de la Rose , they can also make bouquets two weeks in advance, but keep in mind that not everything will be available right away. So, you know, as long as you can do it sooner, why put it off?
Regarding picking up the bouquet, you can do it the same day of the wedding or even the day before without any problem. In this way the flowers will be perfectly ready to last throughout your special day. This regarding the bouquets of natural flowers, of course. If they are preserved, as they never wither, you can pick it up whenever you want.
au name of the rose

Ready to choose your bouquet?

So… ready to choose your rustic bridal bouquet? As I was telling you, we fully trust Rosa from Au Nom de la Rose, not only because of her great quality, but also because of her beautiful way of working. Rosa never makes the same bouquet twice. She wants to meet the bride first, have her explain her story, and prepare something especially for her. Many girls search pinterest for inspiration for their bouquets and come to Rosa with an idea, but together they create something unique. Hence the importance of being oneself.
Before finishing, I would also like to introduce you to Marta. She is one of our Mimètik Brides, and you can find out more about her at her Royal Wedding on the blog . She chose the beautiful bouquet you see in the photo, very rustic and bohemian, the work of Rosa and her team.
Rustic bridal bouquet
I say goodbye with the advice that Rosa proposes for future brides on the choice of their bouquet:
“That you like it, that you know how to wear it, and that you are comfortable. Let it be a complement in harmony, and not something imposed. That you feel identified”
A hug,