Wedding dresses

Vintage wedding dresses: you need them if you are like this…

Do you like the sentence “oldie but goldie”? Do you love going to flea markets? Did you have pictures from other decades and love to read about fashion styles from the prior century? And how perfect is “The Great Gatsby” film for you? If you are like me, you just looove vintage wedding dresses. They are so special! And what’s best: you can wear them now, or at least a wedding dress vintage updated to our century. You just need to wear a Mimètik!

Buy online your vintage lace wedding dress

There are two different ways to get your Mimètik. You can place the order online or you can request an appointment and live your Atelier Experience. Either way you can get your vintage lace wedding dress in less time than expected! We take pride on how fast we are producing our wedding dresses vintage! Also, you can pick the lace in different colours, such as ivory, champagne, golden and rose quartz.

Vintage wedding dresses to dream of

For me, the perfect wedding dress vintage is made of embroidered tulle. We have many examples and we use this fabric in crop tops, long skirts or overdresses. Take for instance this Marie with embroidered tulle overdress. Isn’t it lovely? Isn’t it the most vintage wedding dress you have seen? It’s the first we show to our Mimètik Brides when they ask for a vintage bridal gown, something that her grandmother could have worn… but with a twist!

Simplicity above all: Vintage simple elegant wedding dresses

I love, love, love simplicity. This value it’s engrained in the core of Mimètik, along with the versatility and creativity. When someone writes me and asks for something simple I know she needs to look at our vintage simple elegant wedding dresses. She will love any of our options, because simple is a great adjective to describe our bridal gowns.