Are you looking for a civil wedding dress?

I’m sure you’re a bohemian bride and most probably you are organizing a civil ceremony full of different and unique moments to cherish with your loved ones. Am I right? For a courthouse wedding it’s important to feel authentic and your true self, and that includes of course… your bridal dress.


How is a civil ceremony wedding dress?

Normally, this kind of wedding dresses are more minimalist and informal. In our case, we love the different combinations you can create with a base dress and the overlay of your choice, such as overskirts, overdresses, bolero or crop tops. Also, as a courthouse wedding is usually more simple, you can pick a minimalist bridal gown with nothing but statement jewelry or flowery accessories.

Wedding casual wedding dresses: urban or rustic landscape

For this kind of modern wedding, you can choose either a urban landscape or a rustic one. Both are perfect, and it just depends on your personality and budget. (Personally, I love anyplace rustic but I know some urban spots to die for!). Just keep in mind that in a urban environment it’s best to wear a casual civil wedding dress and in a natural environment suits better a bohemian bridal gown.

The most beautiful civil wedding dresses

We are used to help brides like you! We take pride in the wide range of civil wedding dresses we have and how beautiful you feel when wearing them. We can look for the perfect one for you: you can either come to our Bridal Atelier in Barcelona or buy your bridal gown online. Whatever the case, you will be listened to and accompanied through all this marvelous experience.