5 tips for your rustic wedding

Today I have prepared these 5 ideas for boho chic weddings to inspire you in the decoration of your rustic wedding, from the wedding dress to the flowers of the ceremony. I hope you enjoy it! And I will be happy to read your ideas in the comments. ♥ Personalized invitations, always! Yes, the invitations are the presentation of the type of wedding that we will do, we are telling the guests what they will find on the big day. There are a thousand ways to tell the world that we are getting married: paper invitations, videos, emails, phone calls, opening a blog and inviting everyone, making a surprise event on Facebook... But I especially like invitations in handmade paper, they have the bohemian touch that I'm always looking for, like these from Splash of Silver . 5-tricks-for-your-rustic-wedding-invitations-mimetik-bcn Well, that, I love rustic-style wedding invitations that convey warmth and exude the naturalness and sincerity that will be on your wedding day. A good idea is to design a rubber stamp with your initials, the day of the event and the place, and choose a thick, vintage-style tan paper on which to print the details and stamp it with your personalized stamp. ♥ Flowers, flowers and more flowers Fill the entire space (and all of you!) with wild flowers of different colors and shapes, with long stems, as if picked by chance from the forest. Mix them with green plants and a branch and put them in old glass bottles that are different from each other and place them on the chairs or benches of the ceremony with some lace or string. ♥ Messages for your guests Explain to the guests how you have organized the wedding space and what you want them to do: Do ​​you want them to sign the guest book? Do you want them to take a photo with different accessories with the polaroid? Do you want them to dance? Do you want them to order a drink? Make hand-painted wooden signs with instructions. People will love these close messages and you will give it an authentic touch 5-tricks-for-your-rustic-wedding-flores-mimetik-bcn 5-tricks-for-your-rustic-wedding-messages-mimetik-bcn ♥ The "stars" of the party are you All the decoration is beautiful but you are the ones who will give the style to the wedding. A relaxed, natural bride, with an ecru lace dress, with vintage accessories (you can ask your grandmother from a relative) and a groom with colored slim pants, plain shirt or with a mini print, vest and bow tie, They make love die. It is a warm, natural, free and bohemian style that I love 5-tricks-for-your-rustic-wedding-love-mimetik-bcn The decoration of the tables 5-tricks-for-your-rustic-wedding-lights-mimetik-bcn This topic fascinates me. Wow, I start thinking about styles and details and it would never end. One day I will write a post about different styles of table decoration. Flowers in old bottles (you can go to an antique dealer, ask relatives, go to a second-hand market or buy drinks that have a bottle with an old design, such as Anís del mono, which is total Mad Men) with string or tied ribbons, wood accents on the table, the names of the guests in the same font as the invitations (and you can use the same stamp and cardstock color), and a table runner. oh! And don't forget to add these strips of light bulbs, they create a great atmosphere. I hope you liked these proposals. Surely you also have a thousand and one ideas for your wedding. I'd love to hear what you have in mind. Tell me by leaving a comment. Thank you very much for being here reading my post.