Thamara + Eli, rustic LGBT wedding to repeat

Thamara and Eli arrived at the Atelier together in search of her rustic wedding dress . From the beginning we were hooked and little by little we got to know them a little more. Despite coming together, they did not see the bride's dress until the day of the wedding -perhaps that was one of the few traditions they kept. They left us with wonderful memories, like the moment Eli showed Thamara her foot between the curtains, or how Thamara explained to us that they live in a house full of furry ones. This is the story of an LGBT wedding , but above all of the love between two wonderful brides.

A love story with a very sweet beginning

Thamara and Eli worked together for a few months in 2018, but never met. It was the last day, at a party, when they finally met and started talking. Thamara invited Eli to have some croissants for breakfast: "You are going to taste the richest croissants of your life". So it was. From that first promise they were already inseparable. The connection was such that shortly after, they made the step of moving in together. First, they moved to Madrid. Then they returned to Barcelona... and then the pandemic broke out. "The beginning of our love story was not easy but it was worth the trip," Eli told us.

rustic lgbt wedding


love you to love

From the beginning, Thamara and Eli have complemented each other from their wonderful and unique way of being. Thamara is authentic, pure energy, and you can tell she defends her own tooth and nail. He has the gift of bringing out the best in those with whom he surrounds himself. Eli is calmer, very sweet, and very caring. During his Atelier Experience, for example, and although Eli was trying on what would be his Mimètik, he was very attentive to how Thamara was feeling and how sugar was, since his wife would have diabetes. And, in fact, that sweet side of Eli is something that does not escape Thamara's friends and that they always comment on her with admiration. "Don't let her get away."

In his vows, Eli told us one thing that seemed fundamental to us: that all love starts from one's own self-esteem. We leave you with her words, because we want her to tear up your little tear as it happened to us: "When we met I had very little experience in love and all the complexes of the world on top. The first thing Thamara did was tell me "look in the mirror, look how beautiful you are. And do you know those mirrors that are on Tibidabo, that you stand in front of and see yourself as a dwarf, fat, deformed, lost? Well, the opposite. Thamara is like a magic mirror in which every time I look at myself I look like a babe. (...) And suddenly, I stopped being blind and discovered that I liked her, that I liked her and that, finally, I liked me. I began to love her at the same time that she loved me a little more to me".

We love to see how couples take care of each other, complement each other and learn from each other's way of being. That has to be love! Make a good team and grow together. And that goes, of course, for all kinds of couples, not just lgbt .

LGBT wedding with Mimètik dresses


An LGBT wedding to repeat

Thamara and Eli are 100% Mimètik Brides: they set their own standards. Therefore, the night before they did not sleep separately. They were too nervous... and they didn't want to leave their dogs and cats alone for so many hours. In the morning they had breakfast together, like that day three years ago, and then they separated to get ready and look spectacular with their Mimètik. They got married at City Hall and, like any covid wedding, they were few. But it was a beautiful ceremony. Eli entered arm in arm with her father and Thamara chose two people, Cayetana, her cousin's daughter, and her father.

After the signing, they went to celebrate their rustic wedding with friends and family in a farmhouse in Vilanova del Vallés. They entered together while Bebe's "Breathe" was playing, which means a lot to both of them. "We had always liked the song but now, in the situation we are in, it takes on a new dimension after COVID. It was a nice way to say thank you for being able to all be together and finally breathe after many strange months."

The wedding had great moments, like when both threw their bouquets from a balcony of a farmhouse. With an LGBT wedding , you have twice the chance of getting the bouquet! But perhaps the most epic moment and it will remain in everyone's memory was when a grand piano suddenly appeared under a sheet. It was something that Eli had always been very excited about, and finally he had the opportunity! Eli took the opportunity to sing a song that he had composed for Thamara when they met.

The day was wonderful and time flew like never before, as it always does when you are happy. "(...) when we realized it we were already in bed enjoying the feeling of having lived one of the most special days we remember. Since then, there is not a day that we do not stop for a second and think about getting married again ".


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Two brides, two Mimètik

Eli and Thamara have two very different personalities, which is why they chose two rustic wedding dresses that perfectly showcased each other's character. Thamara, in fact, was the person who discovered Mimètik searching the internet. She fell in love with our Gala Rustic with golden lace and immediately told Eli "I love it. If it looks good on me, I'll keep it." That's how direct it is and how clear things are. Eli knew it would fit him perfectly, like everything he wears.

For her part, Eli was looking for a simple wedding dress. For her, a Marie Essential in ivory was the perfect choice. She also found the ideal accessory, which also ended up stealing all the prominence of her Mimètik: a lace veil sewn by hand in our workshop.

They were both beautiful! And the best? They felt authentic with their Mimètik.


Your LG BT-friendly Atelier

Thamara and Eli is one of the many brides who have passed through Mimètik to live her Atelier Experience .

We love being an LGBT-friendly or gay-friendly Atelier. We are super happy that the Spanish state has been one of the pioneers in allowing gay marriage and that our society is increasingly open.

If you are looking for your perfect rustic wedding dress , we will create an atmosphere of trust in which you can feel like yourself. You can come alone or accompanied by your future wife and we will put all our energy into making sure that both of you leave happy and satisfied. You can be like Eli and Thamara, who chose completely different outfits, or you can wear the same one with different overlays. Totally up to you! We will accompany you on this journey in the best way we know how.

"The girls at Mimetik helped us a lot. Advising without pressing, without wanting to influence decisions, from a distance and with great affection. We left delighted and with the security of wearing the dress we had always dreamed of."