Civil wedding dresses: find yours

In Spain, more and more couples are opting for a civil wedding . Surely you have a thousand questions about it, because at first you are always a little lost. Even if you've helped a friend of yours in your role as bridesmaid, you don't know all the steps to take when it's your turn to get married. How to prepare a civil wedding? What is done in a civil wedding? What dress to wear for a civil wedding ?

There are a thousand things to take into account when organizing a civil wedding and it will be a wonderful planning, but it can also be a stressful moment that tests your patience. For this reason, I am preparing an article to deal with these topics one by one, which I think will go great for you. In the meantime, you have this article to help you find YOUR style and buy a civil wedding dress (which, in the end, is what we do best at Mimètik).

What should the bride wear at a civil wedding?

What you want. That's my motto : your wedding, your rules. Now, since you've come this far and you're probably confused and want a little light and guidance... I'll give you some recommendations. It is true that in civil celebrations, brides do not usually want a very exaggerated dress, very princess, but an informal wedding dress, a boho wedding dress or a relaxed wedding dress.

Short informal civil wedding dress


Civil wedding dress: Frida Short

In April 2021 a wonderful novelty arrived: notaries can process the marriage file . Previously, it was mandatory to go through the Civil Registry. With this streamlining of the procedures, it is possible that you suddenly find that you want to get married, that you have a date to sign... But you don't have a dress!

Don't panic!

I want to introduce you to a beautiful model, perfect if you are looking for an informal wedding dress that is simple and that allows you to feel like a “bride”. It's our Frida Short. If you are in a hurry, you can buy it now and receive it in just a few days in the comfort of your home.

civil wedding dresses

I recommend that you add a lace or tulle bandana. It is a super simple accessory that will not delay shipping at all and will give you a wonderful touch of elegance. Sometimes all you need is a touch. And nothing like lace or tulle to finish feeling beautiful.

Short wedding dresses with lace bandana


Civil wedding dress: a Marie

If you are thinking of something simple and you are one of those brides who wants to "just sign" or a "small celebration among friends", a Marie may be your perfect option. If you want, you can wear it alone, but in that case I recommend that you combine it with oversize jewelry or statement earings.

boho wedding dresses

You can also add accessories to your Marie. In fact, it is the option that will give you the most freedom. Thus, you can wear only the dress at some point of the day. Or wrap your arms up a bit with a lace bolero when it starts to cool down in the afternoon. This lace jacket is also convertible. You can go for a more demure option at the time of signing and then tie it in another more daring way, perhaps with your back in the air, when you are enjoying the moment with your friends.

boho-chic wedding dresses
Simple wedding dress with pink polka dots

Another option that makes me fall in love with Marie is to combine it with a crop top. It is simple but super elegant. You will not feel disguised, especially if you have never imagined yourself dressed as a bride-bride. I fall in love with this very rustic option, which is our beatnik lace. It has a very soft cream tone and a rougher touch, very bucolic.

Crop top for bride civil wedding

Civil wedding Barcelona

If your civil wedding is in Barcelona, ​​or surroundings, do not hesitate to come and see us at the Atelier. Buying online will give you the opportunity to shorten time and the ease of trying on the dress from the comfort of your home. Now, if you live in Barcelona or you have no problem coming and want to live your Atelier Experience, make an appointment as soon as possible.