Wedding dresses

Long sleeve wedding dresses for winter weddings

Yes, it’s quite obvious, right? The best option for your winter ceremony is a long sleeve wedding dress. It will make you feel extra warm and extra cozy. And -I always say that- it’s an elegant option as a bridal gown. I love how sophisticated long sleeve wedding dresses are. 

For those brides who want to hide her arms: long sleeves

Winter weddings are the perfect excuse for you to wear wedding dresses with long sleeves. But, hey, it’s not the only one. The three quarter sleeves are perfect for the modest bride or for those that don’t want to show her arms in public. I think that your body is perfect and there are no flaws in your arms, hips or belly… I’m 100% bodypositive! But I understand that if you want to hide your arms, you need that option, too.  

Long sleeve wedding dresses: satin jersey, tulle or lace?

You are in the quest of your wedding dress, but you don’t know which fabric is the best for you. Let me explain you, I love to help my future Mimètik Brides! Satin jersey is perfect to feel warm. If you pick ivory satin jersey the layer is double to avoid transparency. Tulle sleeves and lace sleeves are perfect if the ceremony is all indoors or you never get cold. It will make your wedding dress even more beautiful.

Long sleeve wedding gown, either for wear a short wedding dress or a long one

I don’t know if you are looking for a long bridal dress or a short bridal dress. Either way, you can always wear long sleeves. You can have this short wedding dress with long sleeves in satin jersey or this one with ivory lace.