The 7 basic tips to order your custom dress

Deciding to order a custom dress is not an easy task . And less if you are not an expert in fabrics, cuts and shapes. You may be scared that you don't know how to do it. And even more if you want to order it online. Most likely, you are afraid of not finding the dress that represents you perfectly. If you are the bride, I am sure that all your friends have told you that you will find "your dress". But you may have already tried a few and you like a detail of one and the neckline of the other. A good option is to decide on a tailored dress . The same happens when you are the sister of the bride or when you have an important event. I've put together a few tips based on my experience with my online customers, what they tell me and what I see that helps them and makes them feel comfortable. Here you will find all the information you need to order your custom dress. Dress-to-Measure-Tulle-Mimetik-Bcn

1. A mood board on your tailored dress will make you see the light

It is so revealing. A mood board enlightens you in many cases, when you don't know what style to define, for example, to decorate your house. The same goes for your wedding dress. Open an account on Pinterest and start collecting all the images of brides that inspire you in a folder. After collecting a good number of photos, give yourself a couple of days off and then look at your mood board. Can you draw any conclusion? Is there a style that defines most of your photos? A colour? A flower guy? A hairstyle? A material (tulle, silk, lace)? Dress-to-Measure-Wedding-Rustic-Mimetik-Bcn If you like to do handmade projects, a very good idea is to make a mural with photos from magazines and printed from the internet. Like this one we did for the makeup inspiration from the last photo shoot. Dress-to-Measure-Mood-Board-Mimetik-Bcn

2. Communication is the key

When you work with wedding dress designers and not big brands, you work directly with the creator. The most important thing of all is good communication. Do not be ashamed to explain your ideas and, above all, make your budget clear from the outset. As advice, I would tell you that before making an appointment with the designer, search the internet or find out about the prices of her dresses to find out if they are within the amount you were planning to spend. It's also a good idea to look for testimonials and feedback from other brides, whether you know of any brides who have been clients of theirs, or online. It is very important that you feel comfortable with your designer. She is the expert and should help you understand the things you don't know. Who said you have to understand about knitting or pattern cutting? Communication is even more important when you plan to order your custom dress online. The exchange of messages must be fluid and you have to feel accompanied at all times. You can have no doubts or insecurities. Think that a few years ago people thought it was too risky to buy a tailored suit online. All the designers who sell through this channel make an effort every day so that our clients do not perceive it that way and feel close to us. You will be surprised to read the spectacular feedback Dress-to-measure-machine-sewing-Mimetik-Bcn

3. Look at the style of your clothes

This topic is very revealing. We all have our own style when it comes to dressing and communicating with the world. It's your style, what you feel comfortable with and what people identify you with. You are also aware of the dresses that flatter you the most. Look at your favorite dresses in your closet, those that when you wear them you feel like Miss World. Perhaps they give you some clue as to what kind of dress you can start looking for.

4. The right measure

If what you are thinking of is ordering your dress online, it is essential that your measurements are correct. That means you have to know exactly what measurements your designer needs. And know how you have to take these measures. I recommend that you ask someone to help you take them, since doing it yourself can be complicated and lead to some error. You can always take the opportunity to spend an afternoon with your best friend and laugh for a while while she takes your measurements. Dress-to-Measure-Mimetik-Bcn Here I enclose a diagram that will help you know the measurements that are normally used for most custom dresses. Write them on top and add some more if your designer asks you to. oh! And ask him what measurements he normally works with (inches or cm) to make sure you're speaking the same language! Dress-To-Measure-How-to-take-measures-Mimetik-Bcn

5. Comfort

Remember that on the day of your wedding or celebration you will probably be on your feet for many hours, moving up and down, talking and enjoying yourself with all your guests. It is important that you are comfortable with the dress and shoes, to be able to enjoy your day to the fullest. Do not lean towards impossible designs that will make you be aware of the dress all the time or shoes that prevent you from walking. Even more so if you are not used to walking in heels. Wedding-dress-to-measure-Mimetik-Bcn
Picture by Jena Saint Martin

6. Flexibility

A tip: if you are happy with the communication with your designer, if the feedback you have been able to read about her work is excellent and you feel safe with her, ask for advice. Think that sometimes designs that you imagine to be beautiful, once done, do not work well. Therefore, when in doubt, trust the professional who is making your dress. Sometimes we want to concentrate too many styles or concepts in a single dress. Surely a dress with a dizzying low back, a giant tulle Sissi skirt, and a neckline to the navel will not work. Lean for a single concept for your dress, it is the winning option. Dress-to-Measure-Styles-Mimetik-Bcn

7. It's your dress, it's you

And the last tip. I know that everyone is very excited about your wedding. And even more so if you are the first friend and/or daughter to get married. But try not to involve too many people in your dress decision. Everyone wants you to look radiant, but everyone has different tastes and sees you through their own eyes. Stick to the opinion of three or four people, but make the final decision. Dress-to-measure-lace-Mimetik-Bcn I hope that these tips have helped you clarify what you have to take into account when ordering your custom dress. I have explained the key concepts to have a good personal relationship and trust. Also think that many times, personal relationships are a matter of feeling. Don't be afraid to consult several designers before finding your ideal dress and designer. Most importantly, you have to feel comfortable and confident in your choice. Thank you very much for following me! A big hug, see you next week <3 Signature-email-marketing-Mireia ]]>