5 original wedding games

5 original wedding games

I am a faithful defender of weddings being a special day for the lucky couple. You don't have to organize them only thinking about the guests, but that doesn't mean it has to be bland. I am in favor of having fun and turning your wedding into a party where everyone participates , has fun and is comfortable. That is why I would like to help you in planning this party with 5 original wedding games . We must not forget the great classics such as the handkerchief, the sack race, the limbo, etc. But I thought that with these 5 wedding games that I bring you today, your day will be an original wedding with a rustic touch , which you know I love. Some are games for the newly married couple, others are for guests in general, and I've even added one especially with the little ones in mind.

1- Questions and shoes

original wedding games The first of the games in this post is what I have called “Questions and shoes”. It is one of my favorites, and I think it can be super fun and make your bohemian wedding an unforgettable party due to the funny situations that can occur between the couple. Remember that what I explain here is a proposal, but the best thing is that you customize it to your liking! To play you need :
  • Two chairs
  • The shoes of the groom and the bride
  • A volunteer to read the questions aloud
  • A list of varied questions focused on the main couple (I will give you a few examples below)
Preparation :
  • Put the chairs in the center of the room
  • The list should start each question with “Who is the one that…”. That is, who normally does a thing or who did it first
  • Both the groom and the bride must have one of their shoes in one hand and one of the other's shoes in the other.
How to play:
  • The bride and groom sit in the center of the room with their backs to each other.
  • The volunteer person reads the questions aloud
  • As the questions are read, the bride and groom raise their arms where they have the shoe of the person who best fits the description
Example questions:
Who takes longer in the bathroom? Who falls asleep during a movie more often? Who gives more concerts in the shower? Who took the first step? Who cooks worse? Who has more patience? Who is the latest? Who is more organized? Who gets angrier? Who is the better dancer? Who is more "special" for clothes? Who said "I love you" before? Who is more romantic? Who is more kitchens?
sets for wedding shoes In this photo we see Ana and Rait playing this game at their bohemian wedding on the beach. Don't you know who they are? Well, you can read her super story in the post I wrote about her destination wedding, which was in Vietnam! They had a great time, and Ana was gorgeous in her champagne lace Rustic Gala .

2. Touch and recognize

original wedding game I call another of the wedding games “ Touch and recognize ”, and it was Ana and Rait, the couple from one of our Real Weddings that I was talking about right now, who taught it to me. Now I'll explain how it works, it's very easy and you don't need any extra objects, so you can play anywhere . To play you need :
  • Volunteers and volunteers
  • Chairs for everyone (optional)
  • something to cover the eyes
How to play:
  • The bride covers her eyes
  • The groom mixes with the volunteers (sitting or standing)
  • The bride has to recognize her new husband among the others just by touching some part of his body. I recommend the legs, but it can also be the arms, the face, etc.
  • Afterwards, the roles are exchanged and you can continue playing another round
funny game for wedding You see? Ana and Rait 's guests had a lot of fun when Rait tried to guess his wife's foot.

3. Ring Toss

original wedding set Ring Toss is another super fun wedding game in which all the wedding guests can participate, even the little ones! In addition, it will give your rustic wedding a super special handmade touch. In fact, I am preparing a post about handmade weddings with “Do it yourself” elements that you will surely love. Remember to subscribe so you don't miss anything ♥ To play you need :
  • bottles
  • hoops
  • A box (optional)
Tip : You can paint the bottles and make the rings yourself to make it better with your rustic wedding How to play:
  • It is the typical target game, but this time with bottles and rings, instead of throwing stones at cans, since the bottles and rings mean that you do not have to be setting it up all the time
  • I recommend that each person shoot three hoops, so the rounds will be faster and more dynamic
  • You can assign a specific score to the bottles, even write a number on them or paint them in other colors, and the one with the most points wins

4. Giant Jenga

outdoor wedding games Of all the wedding games that I propose to you, this is perhaps the most elaborate of all, but it can also be the most fun ! It is about transporting the typical game of Jenga to a larger scale. Following the handmade philosophy, you and your partner, or your closest friends and family, can build the game with wooden blocks. To play you need :
  • Blocks or large pieces to create the Jenga mountain
  • A table or firm support where you can mount it
How to play:
  • Following the game of Jenga, it is a question of removing “brick” by “brick” (piece by piece) very gently so that the tower does not fall.
  • You have to start in the middle, it is not worth taking the ones that are at the top!
  • The one who falls the tower loses

5. Spy moment (for the little ones)

wedding games for kids The last of the wedding games for your rustic wedding is one designed especially for children. It's called “ Spy Moment ” and it's about children having a list of things to photograph so they can be attentive all day and have a good time. In addition, they will also let you see another perspective of your big day ♥ To play you need :
  • A disposable camera or an instant development camera, of your choice
  • A pencil for each boy or girl
  • A list of elements or moments to photograph. I leave you a download prepared as an example, so that you can be inspired and create your own or so that you only have to print it
Tip : You can also make it a “digital version” and, depending on the age of the participants, have them upload the photo to Instagram, all with the same hashtag How to play:
  • The little ones (or not so little ones ;) ) walk, camera in hand, throughout the wedding, during different parts of the day, in search of their goals
  • As they get the photos, they cross off the list
  • At the end of the day, everyone gets together and checks who has managed to capture the most moments on the list

To play!

These are my favorite wedding games , they seem like super fun activities. Surely they are ideal for your bohemian wedding. If you dare and do any of these at your wedding, tell me in the comments! And if you can think of something you've done that isn't on the list, you can share it with everyone, I'd love to read it! A hug, Signature-email-marketing-Mireia-300x88