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Some time ago I wrote this post about how to choose your bridal bouquet, and there were many of you who asked us for more information about the types of bouquets to find your ideal bohemian bridal bouquet. So in today's post we will talk again with Rosa, from Au Nom de la Rose, about shapes, colors and types of flowers so you can make your perfect bohemian bridal bouquet.

Why wear a bohemian bridal bouquet

Rosa told me where the tradition of the bride carrying a bouquet comes from. And it couldn't be more interesting. It turns out that in Ancient Egypt, the bride carried a bouquet made up of aromatic herbs to ward off evil spirits and attract happiness as a couple. Can you now imagine walking down the aisle with a bouquet of thyme and garlic? Well, this is its origin! It was not until Queen Victoria I of the United Kingdom that flowers were incorporated into bridal bouquets. It is not known for sure that she was the first to do it, but she was the one who made it a tradition very quickly.

Although bridal bouquets have changed a lot throughout history and trends, it is still something distinctive for that special day. A bohemian bridal bouquet is the ideal accessory for your boho wedding, and I'm sure it will unite the celebration. And I find it very poetic to carry a piece of nature with you ♥

Bohemian Bridal Bouquet (5)

Types of bouquets: find your ideal type of bohemian bridal bouquet

There are a lot of types of bridal bouquets. In the case of Mimètik brides, Rosa advises us on three types to find the perfect bohemian bridal bouquet, but I will also explain a couple more so that you have a choice.

She tells me that she believes that the first three types that I will present to you are the best bouquets for a natural and boho bride . The secret is in the way of placing the flower itself, that is, it respects the natural flower and its shape. In addition, they are very comfortable to wear and very manageable.

The bouquet: manageable sweetness

The bouquet is a totally round and compacted bouquet, spherical in shape on the part of the flower. It is recommended for more “traditional” weddings and it triumphs with dresses with finer touches of tulle.

Bohemian Pink Bridal Bouquet

The wild bouquet: relaxed and vital

The wild bouquet leaves the straightness of the bouquet, and is more relaxed and without such a marked shape. It is an ideal midpoint between a perfectly manageable bouquet but with a more casual air.

Bohemian bridal bouquet of roses

The asymmetric bouquet: nature itself

The asymmetric bouquet is very similar to the wild one, but with a looser shape and pulling towards the horizontal, without supporting the certain rounded shape that the wild one still had. Also, they are usually larger.

bohemian bridal bouquet

Cascading bouquet: more is more

There is also another type of bohemian bridal bouquet that you might like: the cascading bouquet . This is also a very pretty bouquet, but larger, and therefore can be more cumbersome to carry. It is somewhat more "pompous" compared to the simplicity of the previous ones, but it can also be very beautiful. The big difference is that this treats the flower more, since it does not leave its natural shape and molds and adapts it with wire.

cascading bridal bouquet

Presentation bouquet: a touch of class

Finally, you should also know the presentation bouquet. This is perhaps the most "artificial" and uncomfortable of all, since it is a vertical format bouquet designed to be carried over the arm. Although it is beautiful and very fine, if you are a bohemian bride I recommend some of the other options with which you will surely look more comfortable and authentic.

presentation bridal bouquet

Paint your day! Colors for your ideal bohemian bridal bouquet

Rosa tells me that traditionally she opted for bouquets completely made up of white flowers, or white and red roses that created a great contrast. But these days she recommends a more gradual mix . In this way, the flowers integrate better with each other. And this will also allow you to get a touch of precious color for your special day. In addition, more and more people are betting on bouquets that also include more than just flowers, and that give a very beautiful and natural green touch.

The king of bouquets: beautiful gradients in pink tones

Without a doubt, one of the great winners: the bouquets in shades of pink in gradient. They are precious, timeless, and if they are made of roses, it is a guaranteed success.

Take risks with yellows and oranges

For more daring and original brides, the yellow and orange tones are very strong, and more and more are those who dare to incorporate them into their special day through a beautiful bohemian bridal bouquet that gives you light as soon as you see it.

orange bridal bouquet

What if we do it without flowers?

Yes! A bohemian bridal bouquet without flowers is also a great idea. As you can see, the result could not be more beautiful. If you are thinking of a more intimate wedding, or a country wedding, perhaps this is an idea that fits you perfectly. Think of it as a vintage bridal bouquet; in the end it is like going back to the first bridal bouquets, which did not have a single flower.

Bridal bouquet without flowers

What type of flower to choose for your bohemian bridal bouquet

preserved flowers

Having preserved flowers in your bohemian bridal bouquet is very trendy. Preserved flowers are flowers that have been treated to last forever with their appearance just like the first day. This is a great option for brides who want to keep their bouquet.

Preservation makes the flowers look somewhat different from the natural ones. This doesn't have to be bad, in fact I think it gives them an even more bohemian touch. In our bridal atelier in Barcelona we have some small bouquets of preserved flowers so that brides can see themselves with a bouquet, and there are many who are inspired for their final bridal bouquet. Of course, not all flowers can be preserved, so you will have a slightly more limited catalog to choose from.

bouquet of preserved flowers for bride

natural flowers

Natural flowers are precious by themselves. Its presence creates a unique “wow effect”. And how good they smell! A bouquet of natural flowers is the ideal option for more traditional or large weddings. And, being natural, you will not have any type of limitation when choosing the flower that you like the most for your special day ♥

bouquet of pink roses for bride

What will be your bohemian bridal bouquet?

And after seeing all these typologies, what will be your bohemian bridal bouquet? Remember that, in the end, it is your wedding and you must feel comfortable and yourself with all the details, including the bouquet. Let yourself be guided by your heart and see where you see yourself reflected and identified. Remember that in this post you have more tips to finish knowing how to choose your bohemian bridal bouquet. And that, for all kinds of advice you need, the professionals at Au Nom de la Rose will always be happy to listen to your story and find the perfect bouquet for you.

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