Ideas for an alternative wedding: Make a difference!

Out with the old, in with the unique! Organize an event that reflects your personality, without giving up your principles and that is a fun wedding worth remembering. Say goodbye to old-fashioned weddings worthy of earning everyone's yawns.
Do you dream of having a different celebration that you will never forget because of the originality in every detail? If you want to reinvent the most classic traditions, here are the best ideas for an alternative wedding. Your personality is unique, make your wedding so too.

What is an alternative wedding?

Alternative weddings do not understand conventions or outdated traditions, this type of celebration is characterized by the couple who decide to do it their way.
They conquer by the originality of every detail, white dresses are not necessary, not even saying "yes, I do". They are characterized by the fact that each detail is different and personal, a tailor-made wedding for the couple that represents them 100%.

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Tips to prepare your own alternative wedding

If traditional is not your style and you are looking for how to organize a wedding that perfectly represents your preferences, you will be happy to know that there are endless alternatives. No protocols or typical artifices that mean nothing to you.

Venue of the celebration

The most popular trend in alternative weddings is to rent a large rural house and spend the weekend with all the guests, why not turn the best day of your life into the best weekend?
It is a perfect way to enjoy every moment without rushing and squeezing every second with everyone.


The most important thing in an alternative wedding is the freedom to feel 100% identified with every detail. The ceremony is an essential part of the event, it is the ritual that shows your union. In this type of wedding there are no limits, you can do whatever you want and give it the meaning that most represents you.
From a mystical ceremony in an immense forest, uniting sands from each place of origin of the couple, doing a traditional dance of your culture, exchanging vows with humor, burning bad thoughts on the shore of the beach. Anything goes, you just have to find the perfect ceremony for you.

The dress and the suit

Wearing white is a classic, but it does not have to be mandatory in tuboda. You can go white or choose a different color that represents you even more. Providing a colorful touch is spectacular, colored wedding dresses are perfect if you like to take risks and show that you have a unique personality.
alternative weddings
There are even solutions for each style. From a skirt and top, colored lace dress to short wedding dresses. An original wedding dress that fully represents you.
For the bride and groom, nothing of the typical traditional suit with which they do not feel comfortable at any time. Pants with a shirt and suspenders, Converse instead of shoes and a bow tie replacing the boring tie.

Food for a different wedding

Tables with 8 guests and spending long afternoons thinking about how to seat them? No way. Different weddings allow you to organize the food however you want. From large imperial tables to eating standing up with seats distributed so that each guest sits where and how they want.
For food you can put a catering service, a fun foodtruck, even different areas with food stalls from other countries. Dare and get out of the conventional with a most original menu.

Party, dance… and games

The party was set up! This is one of the funniest parts of the celebration and you can prepare songs that represent you, games to encourage the guests and… do you want to start the dance?
In your personalized wedding you decide if you feel comfortable doing the opening dance, you can replace the classic waltz with a fun choreography. Nothing to have a hard time because of shame, if you don't dare with this tradition you can eliminate it.
To the dance you can add the extra point of organizing games or alternatives to provide a different touch. From hiring a comedian, gymkhanas to find gifts or competitions between guests. Fun is assured!
Now you know the ideas for a top alternative wedding, an event without protocols and with your own rules. Let your imagination fly and organize a celebration with which you represent yourself 100%.

If you are clear that you want a different wedding, then you need an original wedding dress. Contact us through and meet our Mimètik Team, we accompany you throughout the process to design a suit that fully reflects your personality. You are unique, why not make your dress reflect it in every detail?