Discover what romantic wedding dresses are like

If there is a day in life that has to be romantic, that is your wedding day. Everything on that day revolves around the love that you and your partner feel for each other. So, what better than a romantic wedding dress that reflects all the romance of that moment? It can be the finishing touch for your most special day. For this reason, I am going to tell you what romantic wedding dresses are like and what characteristics they have.

What are romantic wedding dresses like?

First of all, I have to say that there is no single type of romantic dress that is universal . Rather, there are a series of characteristics that define the dresses that give them that romantic touch that brides love so much. For example, a very ostentatious dress with many decorations would not fit into what we understand as romantic dresses. However, that does not mean that these cannot have decoration elements. The main characteristic of romantic wedding dresses is simplicity and delicacy . They are dresses designed for the bride to look elegant and innocent. They are usually made with flowing fabrics and with a lot of fall that highlight the shape and femininity of women. In short, they are designed so that no one can stop looking at you on your wedding day. In addition, they differ from traditional dresses, above all, in the type of fabrics used to make them. As I mentioned before, there is no single style when it comes to cuts. A princess dress, a vintage dress, or a mermaid dress can all be perfectly romantic. The same goes for necklines. A bustier can be just as romantic as a turtleneck or turtleneck. It just depends on the fabrics used and the decoration of the dress.

Fabrics for romantic wedding dresses

How could it be otherwise, lace is the absolute protagonist of romantic wedding dresses. It doesn't matter if it's in the little details of the suit, or if it's made entirely of it. As long as it fits your body and drapes gracefully, it's perfect for providing the romance you need at your wedding. You already know that I am precisely in love with lace, I think it is a precious material that is very flattering. That is why the romantic wedding dresses of Mimètik Bcn have the possibility of being made with lace as the main material. Personally, I love the feel of this material against the skin. That is why I have special affection for our Gala Novia Cozy , it makes you feel the lace as if it were your own skin. Don't you think it's something precious? Gala romantic wedding dress Although there are also other fabrics that are ideal for this style. Tulle or chiffon have a drape that adds an exceptional sweetness to the dress. In addition, the transparency of these fabrics makes the light diffuse and shine with each movement. Between the drape of the fabric, and the way it reflects light, it will look like you're floating through the clouds. As you can see, our Bohemian Bridal Gala in golden dots tulle perfectly captures this idea of ​​softness. Fabrics for romantic wedding dresses And you can also play to combine materials. There is no better example than our Frida Novia Bohemian in lace and tulle. It is a great combination, because you will get the effect of double skin with the lace on the upper part and the fluidity of a vaporous tulle skirt. Lace and tulle in romantic wedding dresses On the other hand, you also have other types of less elastic materials such as satin and silk. These materials have a very soft fall, as well as their touch, and a very elegant appearance. In addition, properly placed can greatly enhance your figure.

Colors for romantic dresses

Finally, let's talk about the colors of these dresses. As a general rule, romantic wedding dresses have pastel or nude colors . Broken white, beige colors, or dusty pinks are perfect for the occasion. Another option is to use traditional white and add pastel colors to the details of the dress. At Mimètik we like to bet on brides with color in their dresses, so a champagne dress like our Frida Novia Romantic in golden dots tulle I assure you will create a sensation. It is a super romantic wedding dress that breaks with the classic structure of white, so it is ideal for the most daring brides. colors for romantic wedding dresses As you can see, finding your ideal romantic wedding dress is very simple. It is a super flattering style that will let you enjoy your special day without the need to go corseted. On days like this, natural beauty should be enhanced, not hidden. A big hug, Signature-email-marketing-Mireia-300x88