Best rituals for civil weddings

There are many decisions to make when organizing your wedding, but this time I bring you a super nice and special theme that you are going to love. Every detail counts, but one of the most significant is what you are going to include in your bonding ceremony. There are many different types of rituals and each couple chooses the one that best represents their character.
If you want a unique wedding with its own personality, get inspired by this compilation that I have prepared for you with the best rituals for civil weddings .

10 ritual ideas for a civil wedding

Among so many options of rituals for civil ceremony it is difficult to choose, it even becomes overwhelming, but I want to help you make the choice easier. I tell you the most authentic and special.

sand ritual

The ritual of the sand in a civil wedding is one of the most symbolic and innovative, since it means the union of the two and a future life together.
To do it, it is necessary to use two small glass containers and each one fills it individually with sand from its native land. During the ceremony, the bride and groom pour the sand from their jars into a larger one. Beautiful, right?
It is possible to do the ritual at the same time the vows are exchanged to make it even more special. In addition, it is a unique memory of the wedding that you can later use to decorate your home and remember this great day.
ritual de la arena en una boda civil

Ritual of the rose

The ritual of the rose in a civil wedding is very popular and is carried out in different ways, depending on the personality of the couple. One way to do this is to exchange two roses of different colors, but it can also be added that each family brings a rose to exchange with the godparents and witnesses.
However, this ritual goes beyond the day of the wedding, since tradition says that each anniversary a rose must be replaced in the same place where the first one was. It seems to me a special way to show the renewal of your love.

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Alternative Wedding Ideas

wine ritual

The wine ritual in a civil wedding is different for the ceremony and with the extra point that it can be used on your anniversary. The wine box ceremony involves placing a bottle of wine in a box and closing the lid with some notes or other special details. Once sealed, the box is not opened until a specific date, such as a 5 or 10 year anniversary.

candlelight ritual

The ritual of candles in a civil wedding , also known as the light ceremony , consists of lighting a large candle between the bride and groom with two other smaller ones. I came across this ritual on one of my trips around the world and I find it to be precious, it is also used in religious ceremonies after the exchange of rings.
After doing so, many couples blow out the individual candles to symbolize the union of both, but they can also be kept lit to represent the independence of personality in each one. You decide.

Ceremony of the union of the hands or handfasting

The ceremony of joining hands, popularly known as "handfasting", comes from an ancient Celtic tradition. Some Mimétik Brides, especially in Ireland, opt for this very special ritual.
This ritual consists of the right hands of each of the couple being joined during the wedding ceremony. As the officiant reads the vows, a rope is wrapped around the hands, thus symbolizing mutual commitment.
ritual boda civil

release of balloons

The release of balloons is one of the most spectacular rituals to do at daytime weddings. It consists of choosing balloons of many sizes and colors to launch them into the air. It is important to do it when the wedding is celebrated in an open space, but far from the sea or the forest and above all, choose 100% biodegradable latex balloons. You already know that at Mimètik sustainability is super important.

tie ceremony

This ritual may be familiar to you, as it is popular in Filipino, Mexican, or Spanish culture and takes place after the vows are pronounced. At that time, the officiant of the union or a person designated by the couple, places a garland of flowers around the couple. This garland twists to form the infinity symbol . After finishing the ceremony, the one who offers the ribbon removes it.
In addition, the couple can keep it as a symbol of infinite love and unity, a precious memory of the moment. I leave you my tip: You can place it in a frame to hang it like a painting and use it as a decoration at home.

paint mixing

One of the most fun and creative rituals, at least for me! It has become one of the favorites for artistic couples, and it doesn't surprise me at all.
It consists of placing a blank canvas in the ceremony and after the vows put it in full color. Each one chooses a color that represents him and together they pour it onto the canvas. The two colors of paint mix together and create a personal piece of art.

Tree plantation

I couldn't like this ritual more. It is perfect if the theme of the wedding is inspired by nature , and even more so if it is being celebrated in a forest or garden. This idea consists of planting a tree together, adding soil, it can be from their places of origin to make it more special. This symbolizes togetherness and like the tree, your relationship will need love and care to grow.

Launch of light lanterns

During this ritual, the couple throws a paper lantern into the air, allowing their love to pass out into the universe as one. Super magical, don't you think? Depending on the couple's preference, they can launch it on their own or invite all of their guests to launch it as well. It is a special moment and one of the most original for night weddings.

Now you know the best rituals for civil weddings to be able to choose the one that best represents your essence as a couple. And you, do you already have your favorite?