Characteristics of a hippy wedding dress

Surely you are wondering what a hippie chic wedding dress looks like. Very easy: it’s a wedding dress that allows you to feel free and authentic, 100% you. That’s its main and most important characteristic. Hippie wedding dresses are perfect to dance all night long, enjoy with your loved ones and make great memories,  and then jump into the pool wearing it... Also, you can take the classic photo with a '60s van. Or even better: you can elope with it! You're already imagining your hippy style wedding dress, right?

Wedding on the beach? We have your hippie wedding dress

If you are one of the brides who have always dreamed of a beach wedding, nothing better than accompanying such a bohemian celebration with a hippy wedding dress. You already visualize yourself wearing it in such a dreamy landscape. I'm sure: you want to wear a Mimètik on your happiest day! Many of our Mimètik Brides have been married in front of the sea, either on a cliff in an elopement wedding or walking barefoot on the sand. The best dress in this case? Our Gala Vintage in ivory lace

Is hippy style wedding dress your perfect dress?

You already know this style is for those who want to feel comfortable, to dance all night or to tie the knot in the beach. But is it for you? Don’t wear it if you dream of a princess bridal gown or you want to wear a really really long train. It’s not for those who want a traditional wedding, that’s for sure. 

Chic, let's not forget chic!

A Mimètik is a hippie dress, yes. But without forgetting the chic on it. It’s not a matter of dressing only in a comfortable way for your wedding, but rather that you do so with a high-quality and very comfortable wedding dress. It’s important that your guests have no doubts you are the bride, even if it’s in your own way and following your rules (your wedding, your rules!). I can promise you and I'm saying it with complete honesty: with one of our hippy wedding dresses you'll look gorgeous!