Tips for a perfect honeymoon

Where in the world do you want to go after the wedding? The destination does not matter, the important thing is to be with that special person enjoying your big day. These tips for a perfect honeymoon will help you return with full energy and enjoy special moments. Stop stress, the organization of the great trip can be the most fun.

How to organize a perfect honeymoon?

Most travel planning experts recommend starting planning your skin moon six to nine months in advance , but this could change depending on your destination or what time of year you're having it.
Take advantage of the fact that you know the date of your wedding in advance to book the flights and hotels with enough time to save some money. In addition, it is important that you check the weather in the destination during the time you travel to make sure that you can enjoy all the plans you want to make there.

Where to go on honeymoon? The best destinations

The places to go on a honeymoon are innumerable, it is one of the most complicated doubts to solve, although some spectacular ideas already come to mind. The choice of destination has a lot to do with your preferences and shared values, it is important that both of you can enjoy yourself.
These honeymoon spots can help you decide whether you want a paradise destination or dream of an adventure together.

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Gili Islands

A true paradise in Indonesia. Turquoise waters, secluded white sand beaches and coral reefs perfect for diving and swimming with white tip sharks or turtles.

The perfect place for those couples looking for tranquility after the wedding, made up of three islands that are a true paradise in themselves. Each of them has a different atmosphere, romantic, family or party, the perfect combination!


If you are nature lovers , Kenya is the perfect destination. You can enjoy an adventure together, from a photographic safari (always animal friendly) to a romantic (and daring) night in a bungalow surrounded by wild animals to an infinity of activities that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the habitat of the area.


Are you a couple of the most bohemian? Athens is a romantic as well as cultural destination , it is one of the best wedding honeymoons for art and culture lovers. Nothing like the place where classical art is born.

Combine culture with Santorini, enjoy a boat ride or immerse yourself in the beaches of Mykonos.


For couples who love ancient culture , Japan is one of the most interesting getaways. Discovering its most emblematic monuments and exploring some of the most fascinating landscapes in the area is something that will remain with you when you remember your honeymoon.

trip budget

Wedding expenses are overwhelming , what can I tell you!, and it is tempting to delve into the honeymoon budget to cover the unforeseen events of the ceremony. But keep in mind that the celebration only lasts one day, while the trip lasts more than a week.
Set the budget for the trip, from hotels, transportation, activities to extra expenses. It is essential to know what activities or places you can include during the trip. This will help you spend just what you can afford and not have any surprises when you return.

Couple activities

Most likely, it is the first time you have traveled to the destination you have chosen and the number of things you can do is endless. Keep in mind that you don't have to do everything, this trip has to be to enjoy your partner, not exhausting.
This does not mean that you stay at the hotel without leaving the spa, just that you organize activities as a couple that you both like and allow you to create worthwhile memories together.
Try to maintain a balance between how much time you want to relax and how much time you want to spend exploring the destination. Maybe you are a couple who prefers to spend your days surfing, diving, reading books and sunbathing or you are more of an active couple who wants to conquer a new place and see everything there is to see in the destination.

Where to eat and dine

Plan lunches and dinners to do something special during those days. Choose a meal with sea views, organize a surprise for your partner with a romantic dinner in the hotel room or visit a street market trying all the typical dishes of the destination.
Book a table or take notes of the places where you want to eat, this will help you enjoy your day-to-day carefree.

Disconnect and enjoy!

Put your phone away, your friends know you're having the trip of a lifetime, so turn on airplane mode . No laptops, answering emails or taking work calls, these should be left out of the honeymoon plans. This also includes long calls with family members and social networks.

Now you know the best tips for a perfect honeymoon , a dream trip to enjoy every hour together. Whether it's an adventure, a place to relax or a different destination, it has to match your personalities. And you, what destination do you have in mind?