Tips for making your wedding gift list

Wondering how to make a wedding gift list without going crazy in the process? This is one of the most complex parts of the preparation of the event, you must motivate the guests to participate, but without pressuring them or making them opt for a worthless gift.
If you want to know how to deal with the situation, don't worry, I'll tell you all the tips to make this process a very simple task.

Perfect gifts for your wedding list

Gift lists are useful, they make it easy for guests to choose and you will receive something that you are excited about or need. Whether you have been living with your partner for a while or if you are going to move in with her after the wedding, even if you do not want anything material, here you have a wide variety with the best ideas to fit perfectly with your tastes or lifestyle. .

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It is important to include gifts that are suitable for all types of budgets so that no guest feels forced into anything. You can add small objects to group gifts so that they can buy it among several.

things for the home

If you need household essentials , this is the perfect gift for your list. It is a detail that always works and that guests love to do. Choose products that you will use in your day to day to equip those rooms that you still have to furnish in your new stage together.
From crockery, household items, furniture, appliances, decorative elements to innovative technological products for the home. It is recommended that you choose these items in stores that are available to everyone, including online, such as Ikea, Amazon or Zara Home.
ideas para la lista de bodas


If you are not a fan of material things, but you love to collect special moments with your partner , a perfect gift is a pack of experiences.
From a spa session, a fun scuba diving plan if you are sea lovers and for the more adventurous, skydiving. Think of something that makes you excited to live together, but that you can never do, it is the best time!


A star gift for the wedding is that the guests contribute to the honeymoon trip. Each one can make the financial contribution they deem appropriate and, among all the guests, give you the trip.
Another option is that, if you already have the destination chosen and reserved, they can organize experiences throughout the honeymoon: romantic dinner, guided tour, excursions or boat trip.

Collaborate in the expenses of the wedding

What if you make them part of the celebration? If you do not want to spend too much money on your wedding and you already have your home equipped, even the complete honeymoon, you can include in your list of gifts that they collaborate in the services for the wedding .
This can include music, which is one of the highest investments, a great idea for a group gift. He will animate the banquet with soft music and will make musical proposals during the dance so that everyone moves the skeleton. In addition, it is a gift that you will always remember with great affection.
Another perfect gift is the wedding shooting , both the pre-wedding and post-wedding photo sessions, including the report of the ceremony and celebration. A magical way to immortalize memories.

Account number

It is common for couples to live together and not need anything material, even if they do not want to risk their family and friends spending money on something they are not going to use. Therefore, the account number at weddings is one of the most popular trends today.
what to give at a wedding
Many couples are embarrassed to “ask for money”, however, including the account number is a way of adapting to the new times. If you also find it uncomfortable to include this in your wedding gift list , think that it has always been around the tables to "pick up the gift" or place a basket for guests to leave an envelope with money and it was not frowned upon why would this be?
There are many creative ways to indicate that you prefer financial aid . From including it in the invitations to placing a card next to the invitation. There are original designs, let your imagination fly and think of the way you feel most comfortable.
You can add a sentence explaining what you are going to use the income for, such as the honeymoon, something for the home, extra experiences at the travel destination or even to pay for the cost of the wedding. Your guests will appreciate it and may feel part of this.

sample wedding gift list

Are you ready to start building your list? A perfect example that you may find useful is to break down each category of what you need and search for some related items in popular stores.
From kitchen utensils, household items, decoration elements, basic wedding services, such as stationery, music or photos. It is best to indicate the categories first and then the products you need within each of them.
Now you know all the tricks to make your wedding gift list , prepare it in time and forget about the stress of making it. Thus, you will have time to choose the rest of the details of your wedding, such as choosing the perfect wedding dress for you, because you will be able to do it with peace of mind and without having any worries in mind.