What is an elopement wedding and how to celebrate it?

You want to say "I do" to your partner, but just thinking about the stress of a traditional wedding makes you feel like it. But if you think that traditional weddings are the only way to get married, you are wrong, although I understand you perfectly, a priori it seems like an impossible mission.
The elepoment wedding is the perfect alternative, spending the day alone with your partner is a most seductive idea to get married. Goodbye conventions, burdens and long planning, just the two of you.

What is an elopement wedding?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of running away? You can think of running away to Vegas and while we love a good elopement with Elvis, you'll be amazed at how this type of wedding has morphed over the years.
The word "elopement" means escape and never return from where you fled. Nowadays, this term refers to the perfect weddings for couples who do not want large celebrations with hundreds of guests, but who are looking for a special way to say yes I do.
It is a minimalist wedding, in a magical place and where only the two of you are. Maybe you can add a good photographer to immortalize the moment.
Many of our Mimètik Brides have chosen this type of wedding, as is the case with Jenn + Blake , a dreamy elopement, with no guests and no one but them on a tiny Caribbean island. Another real example of these elopement weddings is that of Ana + Rait , a wedding without borders attended by 30 guests from all over the world. Incredible!

Origin of wedding elopements

The origin of this type of wedding comes from the seventeenth century, the term was used to refer to couples who ran away to get married in secret. Usually this happened because the union was not approved by the families. The story of Romeo and Juliet is a clear example. Years later, during the Great Depression, this increased, since for economic reasons they did not have money for a traditional wedding.
Currently, this concept refers to couples who want to celebrate their wedding with just the two of them or with a very small number of family and friends. The idea is to avoid all the noise that surrounds organizing a wedding, keeping the romanticism and minimalism of what really matters. I imagine it and my hair stands on end with emotion.
This can be done in your town, in unique spaces such as a forest or get married on a trip , the most popular alternative and the most modern version of Las Vegas.

Advantages of wedding elopement

A foreign wedding offers the chance to ditch traditional ceremonies and ceremony ideas to create your own personal experience. Discover the irresistible reasons for this type of wedding.
  • privacy . Ideal for couples looking for a day for just the two of them, without all the noise that surrounds conventional celebrations. This day is about mutual commitment, which is the most important thing, don't you think? So why not take financial and social pressures off the table? That way, you can focus on what's most important: each other.
  • Unbeatable price . The most overwhelming part of any wedding is usually the price. Traditional weddings with a larger guest list are expensive with invitations, decorations, venue, food, and time. These weddings are an affordable alternative for a limited budget, or to set aside funds for the honeymoon.
    If you want to organize an affordable wedding , you cannot miss this article with the best tricks to achieve it. It's not an impossible mission, you'll see.
  • Less stress . The burden of organizing a traditional wedding is overwhelming, but surely you are already noticing it. This type of wedding eliminates it almost completely. No rushing, phone calls, menu tests or choosing wedding stationery.

How to plan a perfect elopement wedding?

These types of weddings are much simpler than traditional ones, but they also require paperwork and preparations, although less complex. In the case of celebrating it in Spain, it is only necessary to request permits if you want to celebrate outdoors.
If you want to get married abroad, you need to check if the marriage will later be legal in your country and what procedures are needed to register it in the Civil Registry.
To make this process easier, you can count on the service of a wedding planner , taking advantage of the fact that the budget is lower than that of a conventional wedding. This is perfect for getting advice on legal permissions or finding ceremony spaces.
In addition, when celebrating a wedding abroad it is necessary to have an officiant who speaks your language . If you want to immortalize the moment, find a photographer who captures the romance of the moment.
And that's not all! Just because you want to get married without guests and have a special ceremony doesn't mean that you can't celebrate it with your friends and family afterwards. Ofcourse. After returning from the destination wedding or after the honeymoon, you can host an intimate elopement post wedding party .

Where to celebrate it?

The most popular way to celebrate this type of wedding is to have the ceremony in a different country or even in a destination in Spain that is special to you, but is not your place of residence.
Spain is full of magical corners, in fact, many foreigners choose it as a destination for this type of celebration. From charming towns, emblematic monuments in the capital to national parks surrounded by nature.
If you are clear that you prefer to be abroad, some of the most common destinations are France, Italy, Greece, Bali or Mexico. Choose the place with which you feel connected in some way or to which you have always dreamed of going together, it does not have to be among the most chosen, the important thing is that it connects with your personality.
Now you know everything about elopement weddings , the best alternative if you want an intimate ceremony away from all the noise that surrounds conventional weddings.

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