Have I told you that I love winter brides? The calm after snowing is just magical. Nature is dreaming. The light is smooth. The wedding decor is really different from the most typical ones. And the wedding dresses! Oh, the bridal gowns…They are just beautiful!

What to look for when searching for your winter wedding dresses 

The winter wedding dress is, above all other features, an elegant one. The winter bridal gown normally has long sleeves. In our case, we have three quarter sleeves because we think are more boho-chic. Normally, it’s a perfect wedding dress for the modest, as you show less your skin. And, of course, long sleeves are perfect to feel warmer.

The winter wedding dress: have you thought in the multiway? 

The bridal gown for winter wedding can be an infinity dress. Yasss, I know you are looking at me funny. But our dresses are normally multiway: they can be worn in many different ways. For that reason -along with the stretchy fabric- it easily adapts to different sizes and bodies. Imagine your wedding dress adapting to yourself and not the other way around.

Winter wedding dresses for lace lovers

I know a lot of my Mimètik dress are looking for lace wedding dresses. In our case, the lace can be ivory, champagne, rose quartz or golden. The overlays can be made in this fabric, but maybe you have doubts about the accessories we have. You can add a lace overskirt or a lace overdress to your winter wedding dress. Or -and I love this option- a lace bolero.