Long or short wedding dress? what style suits me

Are you looking for the ideal dress for your big day and can't decide on the length of the skirt ? The long dresses never fail, but the short ones have proven to be up to the event. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and special.
At Mimètik we help you solve your doubts, discover the advantages of wearing a long or short wedding dress . Both will be a success and will make you shine on the big day.

Long or short wedding dress: which model to choose?

Until recently, women had far fewer options when it came to the design of their dresses. However, now brides personalize them more and more. The result: infinite options available to choose the perfect dress.
So, the first question to answer is: choose a long or short wedding dress? Here you have all the pros of both options so you can make the choice that best represents you. The most important thing is that it shows your personality and that you are comfortable with its design.

Long wedding dresses, a classic

If you are more traditional, definitely a long wedding dress will make your dreams come true. Elegant, sophisticated and with a touch of the most romantic. These are the most irresistible reasons to choose a long dress.

never disappoints

Long designs are a classic, it is the safest and most popular option thanks to its elegance. There are different types to completely adapt to your body style , from voluminous skirts, lace finishes or minimalist designs.
In addition, within the tradition of wearing a long dress, you can also get a bohemian or shabby chic touch that offers the possibility of finding your unique and personal style.

A unique dress for the most special day

The wedding dress is something that is normally only worn on that special day. But, there is the possibility of reusing it on other occasions , either by dyeing it or using one of the layers or overlays in isolation.
You never wear a suit so unique and careful to detail. Enjoy that exclusivity and choose a special design that you have always wanted to wear, but that you have not been able to because it was not the perfect occasion.

Short or midi wedding dresses

Your skirt doesn't have to touch the floor to look elegant and appropriate for the big day. If you are a bride with stunning legs, a delicate figure and a personality that loves originality, midi wedding dresses are for you.
short wedding dress
These designs are ideal for a beach wedding, in a beautiful garden or for civil weddings, but also for an elegant church wedding. Dare and get out of the established, there are many reasons why a short wedding dress is irresistible . You will leave everyone with their mouths open!

you can put it back on

You are going to love your dress and you will want to wear it again and again, but if you opt for a long overlay dress you can also wear it again, for example the crop top or the bolero.
Simple short wedding dresses will be your best allies to give her a second, third, and as many lives as you want! You can add accessories and use it to go to dinner, celebrate a birthday or any other event.

Unrestricted movement

The dress will not be an impediment to enjoy your big day to the fullest. You won't need help going to the bathroom, adjusting your long skirt while you dance, or feeling heavy walking down the aisle. With a short dress you will never have to worry about this, just having a great time.

Show off your legs and shoes

You have spectacular legs, why hide them? Get the most out of short dresses. Also, if you are a shoe lover, this type of cut allows you to show off your precious wedding shoes and also make them the protagonists of your look.
They are great for summer weddings or outdoor venues where it will be very hot. It will help you stay super fresh.

neither short nor long

This type of dress does not have to be excessively short, you can also opt for a midi model . These are excellent to achieve a bohemian touch, they stand out for having a most elegant romantic essence. You can combine it with some rockabilly aesthetic shoes and get a most authentic 50's style.
If you want a dreamy boho wedding, a long wedding dress will make your dreams come true. If, on the other hand, you want to go beyond the classic and consider yourself an original person, bet on short wedding dresses.
At Mimètik you can find the ideal dress thanks to the wide selection of designs, both short and long, that will make you shine on this special day. The only thing that matters is that you feel special and comfortable with its design, we accompany you on this beautiful path.