The perfect bridal accessory that you cannot miss

Do you know which bridal accessory is ideal for you? If you are a Mimètik Bride, surely you are in love with the bohemian, rustic and vintage style. You are looking for a simple and comfortable style, but at the same time very flattering. You want to feel authentic and look beautiful, but without ceasing to be you. If you've been nodding along as you read, then I have the perfect hair accessory for you: my bohemian bridal headband .

bridal headband

My bridal headbands are very simple and elegant. You can order it with any of our fabrics, which you can easily check in our Bridal Sample . Are you wearing a Gala Rustic with a Golden Dots overskirt ? Then combine it with a delicate Golden Dots headband. It will have some delicious golden sparkles that will make you shine like never before. Are you a Marie/Gala bride , very Mediterranean? Then a lace headband is your best option. There are as many options as we have fabrics…

bohemian bridal headband

If you have brown hair, you can opt for a headdress with ivory lace. If, on the other hand, you are blonde, a Cherry Dots tulle headband will suit you perfectly. Of course, it looks great when you combine it with your wedding dress, but it is also a good idea to take into account your skin and hair color and find the perfect contrast.

bohemian bridal headdress

Bridal headband with sequins

You already know: sequins have triumphed in our New Collection 2021. It doesn't surprise me, because it's a super different fabric, very alternative bridal. It makes you feel precious and gives that party tone, but moving away from the typical bride. For that different bride, we have created this sequined headband . It combines beautifully with our Marie . The Marie is our perfect, simple slip dress that looks great with a few accessories to give it that unique touch.

sequin headband

Perhaps you have suddenly realized that you want to get married in a sequined dress. You have always been thinking about tulle and lace... and this option had not crossed your mind. So I take this opportunity to show you this beautiful example of two pieces: a long ivory satin knit skirt and a sequined crop top . Of course, with this combination the headband would be TOP.

Sequin crop top for bride

Bridal headdress: other very bohemian options

This is our great choice for a bridal hair accessory. The truth is that you are loving it and we are selling many, always in conjunction with the wedding dress. But there are other options that can also make you fall in love and that I want to show you.
A Mimètik combines perfectly with Hip & Love headdresses and flower crowns . If you don't know them, you can't miss their Instagram. They have a super careful image, they are very creative and they put a lot of care into their work. 100% recommended. In addition, you will be able to see all their brides on the web and get an idea of ​​how well their flower crowns, headdresses and combs look.

Another very different style is that of Natural Wedding . She has very vintage headdresses, which she makes by hand with small beads. It gives the hair a touch of color or even plant shapes. In addition, of course, you can fall in love with her way of being so close and end up hiring her to organize your wedding.

Something more than the bridal headdress?

Of course! Since you are considering what accessories to wear in your hair on your wedding day, also think about what hairstyle would look good. For example, with our bohemian headbands, something simple looks great, like simply wearing your hair down or opting for a rustic braid. With a crown of preserved flowers, loose hair also looks great, very boho. But if you opt for Natural Wedding accessories, you may prefer a slightly more elaborate updo. Be that as it may, we wrote this article that will be very helpful for you to continue thinking about your wedding hairstyle .