Themed wedding ideas for nature lovers

You are planning your wedding, but finding a theme is not easy. Are you looking for a style where nature is an essential element, but what theme to choose to get the special touch?
I bring you the most original themed wedding ideas for nature lovers so you can find the perfect decoration and colors for your big day. The ideal style that is capable of reflecting your very special personality. Get a most original wedding!

5 Examples of successful themed weddings

Organizing a wedding with a theme as special as you can. Vintage, boho, hippie, romantic…? There are so many styles that making the decision may seem like an impossible mission, but here you can find the most magical types of weddings for nature lovers .

boho chic wedding

Boho chic wedding decoration is triumphing, inspired by hippie airs and the perfect option if you want to have an unconventional wedding. A bohemian style, but with sophisticated elements that add a romantic touch for this day.
Flowers and natural elements are an essential element. Play with all kinds of textures and colors. Wood, vegetable fibers, puffs, ethnic rugs or ethnic motifs to achieve a unique energy for the place. Intense and cheerful colors predominate.
A fusion of energy that coexist in perfect harmony, creating personal environments that perfectly reflect your personality.
You can use natural elements to create a very original tipi altar . Decorate a wooden structure with ferns or your favorite flowers and get an altar that stands out for its uniqueness.
Are you a bride with a bohemian air? So, a bohemian wedding dress is your best option for this theme. Vaporous dresses, fluid fabrics or even a crop trop with a long skirt that will help you get out of the conventional.

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vintage wedding

Do you love the style of the 20s, 30s or 50s? A vintage-themed wedding will be your favorite option, a special decoration that will transport you back in time.
Dusty colors predominate in this type of wedding, pink or pale yellow, even earth colors. Use restored furniture to complete the decoration, you can take care of the details with vintage suitcases or typewriters.
Wear a mismatched wedding dress to get that vintage look, our Arlet Essential or Gala Illusion are ideal for weddings with a retro feel. The cuts of these dresses are ideal, you can bet on a white color or dare with a nude and combine it with typical shoes of the time. The outfit will make you look fabulous. Do you have doubts between choosing a long or short wedding dress ?


In a country-themed wedding, the most important thing is to choose a site that perfectly represents the style. The farmhouses or farms are usually the favorite option to achieve it.
The decoration of a country wedding is elegant and with a special air. Use elements of raffia, spikes, colored wild flowers to decorate the tables and the details of the place.
ideas temáticas de bodas
Place cushions in a space so that guests can feel comfortable, wooden tables and chairs. The table numbers can be placed on a small piece of wood, these small details will make a difference.
Choosing a short wedding dress is a perfect option. Pair it with a fabric-wrapped wildflower bridal bouquet and spectacular shoes. You will look special and unique!


Are you looking for a wedding with your own style, original and with a lot of personality? What you need is a hippie wedding! This theme is ideal if you want to get away from the conventional , feel in contact with nature on this special day and have a magical celebration.
If you are wondering how to organize a hippie wedding loaded with its own style and a lot of personality, take note of what you cannot miss:
A wedding of this style deserves a unique place for the celebration. Set up some long wooden imperial tables with benches to seat your guests. Use colored candles and glassware to decorate them, you can even use different shades for a more special and casual style.
Add strings of lights, country flowers inside boxes or straw baskets for a much more hippie atmosphere. Finally, to make it even more different, you can place some taco and hot-dog food trucks .
And you can't miss a perfect dress for your hippie wedding. Choose a flowing wedding dress , both made with lace and tulle, to add the perfect touch to the theme.


Love is in the air . If you want every detail to exude romance on your wedding day, the romantic theme will make your dreams come true. The secret is to decorate with flowers, balloons, hearts and use a lot of pastel colors.
Natural light in candles or lanterns for dreamy lighting , you can even hang some lights from trees. Place an arch of flowers in nude tones that frames the altar for a most romantic final touch.
Opt for a lace or tulle wedding dress to achieve a style according to the theme.
Now that you know the best themed wedding ideas for nature lovers , you can choose your favorite style to turn that day into a special moment. Feel in touch with nature and enjoy the good vibes of celebrating your love in style in a magical setting.