My ideal beach wedding

If I were to get married today, I would hesitate between doing a beach wedding, a rustic wedding or a bohemian wedding. There are 3 wedding styles that I love because they are super natural, carefree and I think they accurately reflect who I am. Every time a client sends me photos of her wedding I fall in love with some detail. Thus, little by little, I have been designing my ideal wedding with each different style. Today I want to share with you everything I love about a beach wedding. You 'll see how beautiful my beach wedding would be! As a great lover of the sea , with which I have shared all my summers since I was born, I can say that one of my favorite wedding styles is a beach wedding. The salty breeze, bare feet stepping on the sand, many candles, flowers on the wooden benches with tied fabrics that move in the wind, flowers on the ground ... it seems to me a beautiful setting. And very romantic. Wedding-on-the-Beach-flowers-floor-Mimetik-Bcn The truth is that in my country it is not common to get married on the beach (what's more, I think it is very difficult to get a permit to do so) but more and more clients contact me from different parts of the world explaining that they will get married in a paradisiacal beach. And I think it's a very good choice, like the one made by Joy, one of my girlfriends <3 Wedding-on-the-Playa-Real-Mimetik-Bcn Another idea that turns your wedding into an adventure is " destination weddings ". When I was in Krabi I remember meeting an English couple who were going to a friend's wedding in Ko Phi Phi. I thought " a wedding in paradise, what a great idea! ". The couple had taken the opportunity to go a few days before and visit the country. In my article about the 3 best places for your honeymoon , I talk about Krabi, in Thailand. It is one of my favorite places. But now that I think about it, it's also an ideal place to get married. Wedding-on-the-Beach-Thailand-Mimetik-Bcn Normally these types of weddings have a handicap, and that is that not as many people can come as they could if you do it closer to home. Due to economic or organizational issues, if you decide to get married in an exotic country or far from your homeland, probably some friends will not be able to come. If they have children, if they do not have vacations or if the economy does not accompany them. But if you want an intimate wedding, this is an epic choice. Wedding-on-the-Beach-lanterns-Mimetik-Bcn This idea seems beautiful to me, I imagine all the friends and family making a wish at the same time. Can you imagine what purer energy is created among all? I've seen it at a beach party in Indonesia and it seemed magical. But please, don't do it, it pollutes the sea a lot. And poor seas and oceans, we are not treating them well at all. Instead of releasing paper lanterns with candles inside, I propose this other decoration idea, which I also find beautiful and very cozy for a beach wedding. Wedding-on-the-Beach-Luz-Mimetik-Bcn A detail that cannot be missing from the wedding of my dreams on the beach is an arch of flowers and hanging fabrics. I don't like very busy decorations and I think that the sea and the sand are just so perfect that they don't need too many accessories. This one that appears in the photo I like a lot. You can find more ideas and styles on my Beach Wedding Pinterest board. Wedding-on-the-Beach-tree-Mimetik-Bcn If you have read my previous articles, you will know that natural brides with long, loose hair are my favorites. It looks very feminine and relaxed and of course, at a beach wedding, the Californian surfer-style highlights are the most attractive, don't you think? Wedding-on-the-Beach-hair-Mimetik-Bcn Wedding-on-the-Beach-Invitations-Mimetik-Bcn Another day I will tell you about my obsession with the color gold. At the moment I tell you that for my beach wedding I would choose a palette of coral or navy blue colors and combine them with gold. And if it can be glittery, even better. These invitations from are gorgeous! And to finish, at my wedding on the beach I would go without shoes, bohemian. To decorate my feet I would wear these delicate handmade lace bracelets by Fulyak . Pretty, right? What do you think of my ideal wedding on the beach? Are you thinking of getting married in front of the sea? Have you been to a wedding like this? I'd love to read you in the comments! Thank you very much for being here, you know that without you this would not be possible. Wedding-on-the-Beach-Sandals-Mimetik-Bcn Signature-email-marketing-Mireia PS: Since last week was Thanksgiving and I celebrated it for the first time in my life thanks to my American friend Veronica Hansen , I'll say it again. Thank you thank you thank you. Pot be here. For joining. <3 And if you want, you can read the funny post that Veronica wrote for my blog with her tips to look beautiful in your wedding photos.