Ruthie + Rory, a wedding between vineyards

With the first message I received from Ruthie I knew that she was a special bride , with great sensitivity and creativity. She explained that one of my dresses reminded her of her mother 's wedding dress . This touched me deeply . So when I asked her if she would like to share with me her experience of being the bride and preparing for her wedding , I already knew that it would be full of romantic and original features . Judge for yourself . I'm sure you will feel inspired ! I leave you with their love story : Ruthie + Rory , a wedding between vineyards .


All photos are by Jenna Saint Martin

Love at first sight

Ruthie and her husband Rory met when she was delivering wine to a restaurant. She had moved from Florida to Portland , Oregon and he had just moved to Portland from his home in Cape Cod , Massachusetts. He was working at a restaurant where many of Ruthie's friends worked. As he was handing out the wine he saw a tall , handsome man and immediately asked who he was. When a mutual friend introduced them , they felt love at first sight , a dreamlike moment, the bride tells me . They started talking and dating right away! As if they had known each other all their lives. This is true love .


the request

Rory no doubt surprised Ruthie. They had n't even talked about marriage when he asked her ! The bride and groom were visiting friends in Hawaii and had decided to go on a sunset catamaran cruise . Super romantic. When they got back to shore, they decided to walk on the sand and swim in the ocean in the dark, while looking at the stars . It was at this magical moment that Rory said " Ruthie, I have something to ask you. Will you marry me ?" When he turned around , he was standing in the middle of the sea and he had a box in his hand with a ring ! " You can't imagine how perfect this moment was, the two of us standing together in the middle of the ocean ," says Ruthie < 3


wedding style

Ruthie and Rory wanted a relaxed , colorful and dreamy summer wedding that would reflect who they are. The bride and groom are lovers of the outdoors , family , food, wine and live music . Needless to say, they had the ideal wedding , held at some friends ' vineyards . Other friends were in charge of doing the catering . The winery Ruthie works with put out the wine and another friend provided the beer. "It was crazy how many people helped us ! We are incredibly lucky to have these friends ." It seems to me that such a charming couple deserves all this help ! Another precious detail , they had live music and a good fire burning in honor of the summer solstice .



Gustav Klimt paintings inspired the "theme" , its vivid colors and the color gold . In addition to this this , among them they inspired each other. They went from one place to another with many ideas until they ended up defining the wedding that they really wanted . "It was very easy ," Ruthie says .


Favorite details Ruthie tells me that her favorite detail was the fact that her best friends and family helped her create all the little details . For decoration they made " gypsy curtains " , which are hundreds of strips of cloth tied together that hung behind the music band . They also, together, made little red and gold tags that hung from the wisteria branches to decorate the interior of the barn where the dance would be held. They also built their own photo booth and painted an ocean scene , complete with cardboard rocks and three mermaid fins. People could go on stage and take photos, transforming into mermaids for a moment!



"I was a little scared to go shopping for my wedding dress. I'm not quite sure why , but as I've gotten older , I felt overwhelmed with all the options . I decided to do some research before I went online, to see what designs I could find . I went to Etsy and there it was ! the dress! I can also say that it was love at first sight . I loved the photo of the model looking at the landscape from a terrace and I fell in love with the simple and elegant it is. It also reminded me a bit of my mother 's wedding dress . The fabric seemed soft and flowy , I knew right away it was my dress . "


advice for brides

" My advice to new brides : Plan a wedding that represents you and ignore what others think a wedding has to be. It's your day. Another thing, don't go on a honeymoon trip the day after the wedding .Rory and I rented a big house on the Oregon Coast with our friends and family for three days after the wedding and honestly that was amazing.We built fires every night and cooked together and drank wine and stayed up late talking wee hours . A wedding goes by so fast and you can't be as much as you'd like with all your guests . Spend time with your friends and family after the wedding . Keep the party going and go on your honeymoon a few weeks later."

Even though we haven't met in person , after explaining her big day to me, it's like I've known Ruthie my whole life . I would have loved to see them at their beautiful vineyard wedding through a hole. And also see his happiness and that of his family . I think now you have a lot of ideas for your wedding ! Ruthie and Rory were super inspired in organizing their big day. I want to thank you for sharing with us your inspiring experience and your feelings on such a perfect day . And , more importantly from my point of view , they had the wedding that perfectly represented who they are, an authentic wedding. And this means that everything is perfect. I wish you the best. And I sincerely appreciate the photos of Jenna Saint Martin .


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