I present to you my new bridal collection

You will allow me not to write today about tricks and resources to organize your wedding or to be the perfect guest. And today I am super excited about the presentation of my new bridal collection, inspired by the great artist Frida Kahlo. Collection-Bride-Mimetik-Bcn We have been working for many months to make this new collection of wedding dresses a reality and I am delighted because we are reaching more and more points in the world every time! You know that my dresses are designed for authentic, natural and free women . Today I am going to tell you about the concepts that I have taken into account when designing the new bridal collection to make you enjoy your super day to the fullest <3 Versatility You already know that my motto is versatility and that I am against the excessive consumerism that is leading us to the destruction of the planet. For this reason, I always design thinking of pieces that can be worn in different ways, convertible, that adapt to different situations and events even after the wedding . Collection-Bride-Sleeves-Lace-Mimetik-Bcn Collection-Bride-Lace-Golden-Mimetik-Bcn Convertibility I am also a strong supporter of women 's empowerment . We are all beautiful and I want to help you find your style, with which you really feel you. My dresses adapt to all different bodies, highlighting the part of your body that you like the most. Collection-Bride-Lace-Ecru-Mimetik-Bcn By now you will know, if you have taken a look at your wardrobe, which clothes are the most flattering for you . If the straight neckline looks great on you or, on the contrary, the V-neckline favors you more. You may have a 10 back and yours is a vertiginous neckline behind. Or if you are more in favor of wearing skirts at waist or hip height. Only you know this! Sometimes we think that one type of pattern will suit us and when we try it on, we see that it is not what favors us the most. That's why my dresses can be worn with the neckline in front or behind, with different styles and different waist or hip heights . We all have different looks and that's what I love! Collection-Bride-Neckline-Back-Mimetik-Bcn Collection-Bride-Tiara-Mimetik-Bcn Two pieces I have introduced in this new collection two-piece wedding dresses , top and skirt. It is a very comfortable and trendy choice. It will allow you to take advantage of the set after your wedding. You can wear the skirt with a colored top and you will not look like a bride or the top with any skirt or pants. We have worked hard so that all the designs are convertible or basic pieces that serve to complement . You can also add a lace bolero and a rhinestone belt to these two-piece designs. You will be radiant! Collection-Bride-word-of-honor-Mimetik-Bcn Bridal-Collection-Two-Pieces-Mimetik-Bcn Romanticism Following the line of my first bridal collection, I wanted to continue with lace, my favorite fabric. I think it is a fabric that highlights the femininity of women and gives them a vintage, romantic and elegant touch. The play of transparencies of the lace gives the bride a lot of sensuality and the golden colors, more prominence. And the drawing of the embroidered flowers, very natural. Collection-Bride-Belt-Mimetik-Bcn Collection-Bride-Top-Skirt-Tulle-Mimetik-Bcn Comfort If you have read my other posts, you already know that what I like most about a bride is naturalness. That you show your authenticity for me is key, and that means not faking anything. Let your beauty shine. For me, the hairstyle you wear at your wedding is super important, since it will greatly define the style of the dress. We have all seen bridal catalogs with tense and slicked-back updos. On the contrary, I prefer brides with loose hair or with a semi-updo. I don't know why hairdressers insist on brides wearing their hair up! With how beautiful hair is well combed and left loose. Just as I prefer relaxed hairstyles, I apply the same to my designs, thinking of the bride, so that you feel gorgeous and at the same time comfortable. So that you can dedicate yourself to what is most important on your wedding day, to be with your loved ones and to be happy. Collection-Bride-Skirt-Tulle-Mimetik-Bcn Collection-Bride-Dress-Long-Sleeve-Mimetik-Bcn Handmade and made-to-measure We custom-make all wedding dresses in the new Barcelona Showroom, the most beautiful apartment in the city. We make them to your measure and with your choice of colors and fabrics. We are open to customization and original choices, making a unique dress for each bride. And because we want you to be 100% sure that you order what you like the most. If you have doubts about ordering a tailored suit, you can read the post I wrote last week , I think it will help you understand what decisions to take into account. And if it gives you respect to buy a made-to-measure suit through the internet, do not hesitate to ask us everything you need. You will see that our clients highlight the good communication they have with us <3 Thank you for reading and for taking an interest in the new bridal collection that we are presenting. As I always tell you, I couldn't do it without you being on the other side supporting me. Thank you! Signature-email-marketing-Mireia