Bridesmaid dresses to look spectacular

Do you have a wedding soon? Are you a bridesmaid to one of your childhood friends? Surely you have already been looking at Pinterest for dress ideas or you have been looking at shop windows to soak up the new trends. I think that the most important thing in that search is that the bridesmaid dresses make you feel beautiful and you are super comfortable to give it your all for hours. In the end, a wedding is a party... more intense. A party! And you have to shine.

convertible bridesmaid dress

Mimètik are multiposition dresses : the straps are longer and the fabric is flexible, allowing a thousand different styles to be created. Thus, you can show your back, imitate the capes of ancient Greece, choose to have an open shoulder... It is so versatile that if you want, you can use it in different weddings, because each time it will be a different dress!

If the wedding is at night or in spring, the long Gala model may be your winning option. Choose it in the more than 15 colors we have for you, taking into account the theme of the wedding (if any), your favorite color or the most suitable shade for your skin tone. What do you think, for example, of this Gala Long in Moss Green ? It is one of our Best Sellers, both for guests and for women. Every week this model comes out, super precious packaging, for different parts of the world.

Long Moss Green Bridesmaid Dress

If, on the other hand, the wedding is during the day, in summer, on the beach or very informal, a short Gala will be your ideal bridesmaid dress. It has the same convertible straps and all the versatility, but the cut ends above the knees. It is a very fresh and fun model, with a flight that you will love as soon as you see it. The truth is that this short dress is so magical that you can also wear it for day-to-day, or for your terrace on the weekend: change the accessories and you will have a more or less informal style. It is a wardrobe essential and can become your fetish dress.

Short bridesmaid dress

The strength of the group: similar but different

I fall in love with this option: it is about the whole group of bridesmaids wearing the same dress. Will you go exactly the same? No not at all! Each one will be able to mark their personality and feel unique thanks to the convertible straps. Thus, all ladies can wear the dress in their own way , the one that best suits their body and style. I also love when I receive photos of groups of ladies in my e-mail with a little history and explaining how the day went. This is how the ladies look: happy, supporting the bride, accompanying her in a great moment... and beautiful.

Group of happy bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dress with polka dots

It is the 2021 guest dress trend. I'm sure you've already seen it in a shop window, like Rosa Clará's, or perhaps on a pin you have saved. Polka dot dresses have come this spring 2021 to fill this somewhat strange year with joy and energy. And I think that is exactly what we need: an extra happiness. This dress is also 50% off and you can find it in both black and navy blue .

Long polka dot dress

Simple but super elegant: ribbed dress

In the Atelier I always have a couple of samples of this Limited Edition. A part of these models have already finished (such as the green ribbed one or the blue ribbed one), but there are still some dresses with champagne ribbed, which are a delight. You can find these dresses combined in the upper part combined with Pink Palo , Rose Quartz or Wine in the lower part. The convertible straps are just as long, they are still convertible, but the fabric is no longer satin knit but ribbed. This difference gives it a point of sublime elegance.

Long bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaid Dresses Barcelona

Do you want to come to the Atelier? You can come to see us by making an appointment , especially if you are a group. Yes, The Atelier Experience is also for bridesmaids. There will be moments of laughter, confidences, compliments and many photos from the sofa. In this way you will be living a little all the joy of the wedding, but still among you, in petit committee . The bride, of course, can come and, in some cases, it is she who leaves us the color decided and we only have to show it to you. Throughout the hour we have for you and your friends, we will show you which style suits you best and all the variety of ways to wear a Mimètik.