Green: the ideal color for party dresses

This Sunday was Saint Patrick and everything was flooded with green. But at Mimètik we have been seeing how green is the ideal color for party dresses all year and our Best Seller, with more and more strength. Yes, I know that the color of the year according to Pantone is Living Coral (in fact, I have a post prepared about that color, if you don't want to miss it you can subscribe here ), but I assure you that green has no intention of going out of style. [caption id="attachment_9065" align="aligncenter" width="900"] green color palette Images of Chasing Color and Seeds[/caption] That's why I decided it would be great to offer you a discount on Mimètik's selection of green dresses. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook , you will know that this promotion has been active since Sunday. So if you don't want to miss anything, follow us on our social networks! If you enter the code GREENMIMETIK in our online store you will enjoy a 15% discount on all the dresses that you will see below. That is, all our dresses in shades of green and also the Gala Limited Edition Gold. I hope you feel inspired!

Versatility and the ideal color for party dresses? Our Gala Dress is for you

New models

I would like to start by introducing you to one of our latest novelties: the Gala Limited Edition Moss Green Metallic and the Gala Limited Edition Olive Metallic . These two new models join the family of dresses from my most exclusive collection that I already told you about in this post. We have made very few units of these models, so they are super special. As you can see, they have a perfect color for party dresses or bridesmaids. ideal color for party dresses vestido verde para evento I think they're a great choice for bridesmaids, and they'll go great with other dresses from my Essential collection. I assure you that you will have a beautiful color scale. ribbed green dress

Exclusive model dress

Continuing in the line of exclusivity we have the Gala Limited Edition Gold . Yes, I know what you are thinking: “Mireia, this is not green”. I know, but I wanted to give you the option of a beautiful combination with the golden tones of this model. Think about it, would you like any of your bridesmaids to stand out? Or maybe you prefer your special friend or your godmother to be ideal and super elegant with her dress. Here you can see more images of the Gala Limited Edition Gold, and you can also use the GREENMIMETIK discount to get it. exclusive gold dress vestido jaspeado dorado

New color

New this year is a super fine and elegant color: Moss Green , which is added to this beautiful range of green tones for party dresses. On the other hand, Sage Green has been with us for a while, and, in fact, right now it's only available in its short or tailored version (so if you don't want to run out of it, hurry up!), but Moss Green is a new addition that has been very well received. No wonder, it is an ideal color for party dresses. It's beautiful and it will also work great if you want to create a color scale effect for bridesmaids. I recommend that you combine it with our Gala Essential Green and our Gala Essential Olive . You will get a total look. moss green dress bespoke light green dress

Best Seller dress for event

If there is a clear Best Seller, that is the Gala Essential Oliva . From the moment we decided to add it to our Gala dress color chart, it was a total success. And the truth is that nothing surprises me, it is an ideal color for party dresses. The tone is super suitable for all skin types, and will give you a very stylish Mediterranean look. elegant olive green dress

Dress for bridesmaids

For further inspiration, here are some photos of girls who have chosen the Gala Verde or the Gala Oliva for their bridesmaids. You'll see that it really is an ideal color for party dresses and for bridesmaids , and that it looks great with Emiriana Litsa's bohemian wedding in the UK and Lauren Halonen's rustic wedding in Canada. Not forgetting the wonderful photo on the cover of this post, from Samantha Stanworth's country wedding, also in the UK. [caption id="attachment_9067" align="aligncenter" width="749"] green dress bridesmaids Emiriana Litsa's wedding (Photo: Silvia Galora Photography) olive green bridesmaid dress Lauren Halonen Wedding field wedding bridesmaid dress Samantha Stanworth's wedding (Photo: Sarah Hudson Verno)[/caption]

Combine it with lace

Add a lace accessory to your dress and you will have a total look. You know that I love this material, and I think it gives a very special touch to dresses. For example, in this photo we combine a Gala Essential Petróleo with a black lace shawl , but a Gala Essential Green with a golden lace bolero I assure you that it would also look super pretty. elegant wedding dress with lace

Maternity option dress

Thanks to the versatility of our dresses, which adapt to the woman's body and not the other way around, I assure you that, even if you are pregnant or have just had a baby, you will look beautiful. You even have the option of having your daughter dressed just like you ! You will both be beautiful.  green maternity dress Photo: Sandrine Desquibes mother daughter dress alike

Short dress for event

Of course, summer is coming now, so maybe you are thinking that you would like a rather short dress. Don't worry, you can also enjoy the ideal color for party dresses and bridesmaids in its short version. With both the short Gala Essential in Green and Green Water you will be beautiful, I assure you. short green dress for event water green dress for party Not because they are short dresses you have to give up having them as dresses for your bridesmaids. Samantha Amick chose the short Gala Essential in Olive for her bridesmaids, and with those cowboy boots they gave her a super cool look. Total look! short green bridesmaid dress

Elegance with more coverage but just as ideal? Our Frida Dress is your choice

Long dress for event

You can also enjoy the ideal color for party dresses and bridesmaids with the option of the sleeves. It's a great choice for events that take place in the fall or winter. You will be able to go more covered without giving up the versatility and comfort that our dresses offer, in addition, you will be beautiful! You can choose a low neckline on the back, like in this photo of our Frida Essential Green ... green dress with sleeves ideal color for party dresses ...or a closed neckline at the front, or even the option of a strapless, like in our Frida Essential Aqua Green or in our Frida Essential Oil . aqua green long sleeve dress petroleum dress for event

Short dress with sleeves for event

You also have a lot of options in the short version of the Frida. With knots at the back and a belt as an accessory as in the photo of the Frida Essential Short in Green , or with a front neckline and one of our lace Bandanas making the effect of a sweetheart neckline in the background, as in the photo of the Frida Essential Short in Oil . multiway short dress green neckline back dress short petrol dress neckline sleeves This has been it! So far my small selection of our green tonalities models (and some other extra). I hope you have felt inspired and that you have seen how green is the ideal color for party and bridesmaid dresses. It brings a lot of naturalness, at the same time that it has a great style. Especially for weddings such as bohemian, vintage or rustic, it will be a total success. Remember that you have until this Sunday, March 24 at 11:59 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) to use the code GREENMIMETIK to enjoy a 15% discount on the entire selection of dresses in green tones that you have seen in this post. A big hug, Signature-email-marketing-Mireia-300x88