Mònica + Óscar, a wedding in the mountains

Many of our Mimètik Brides are more than simple weddings. More than a pompous ceremony, they look for a small celebration with their loved ones. And what better than a wedding in the mountains to make everything more intimate and unique? Mònica and Óscar believed that if they were going to get married, it should be in a way that defined them. And the truth is that they look radiant in the photos.

A wedding in the mountains, a special guest, hiking boots and a party with surprise are the ingredients of this story. Mònica and Óscar are the protagonists. Do you want to know everything in full? You can read it below ♥

wedding in the mountains

moments of love

Our protagonists met almost 20 years ago , thanks to a mutual friend. Monica worked in a restaurant together with her friend. One day she coincided with Oscar, and they fell in favor with each other. Monica asked his friend for advice, and he said he thought that it was not the time for them. She tells me that now she is sure that really was not their time; this would come some time later, but it would come. A few years later, they both agreed again on an excursion to Mount Puigmal, but they also didn't think it was the right time neither. They kept meeting in different situations and events , they felt very comfortable together, and each time they saw each other in a group they looked for each other. Until they finally found their moment. Monica tells me that, at the end, everything was easy, because they were made for each other. And this beautiful story ended up consolidating in the great wedding in the mountains that you will see in this post.

wedding in the clouds

Couple's complicity

Mònica and Óscar define themselves as the perfect balance between similar and different at the same time. Both are cheerful, affectionate, simple and accommodating. But at the same time everyone has their own tastes, their concerns and their own personality. Something they share is the love for the " Do It Yourself ". They love to work things with their own hands. In fact, Monica was the one who took care of making the decoration, the gifts and the cupcakes of her wedding by herself. She says they have both taken their love for crafts "to another level." And the other great hobby they have in common is their passion for the mountain. This love for the mountain , reinforced by their stories and unique moments during excursions and hiking trails, should be reflected on a day as important as their wedding, and they did so, with a beautiful wedding in the mountains.

wedding at the countryfield

A won proposal

Oscar was not a very “wedding” person, because he had always seen great super ostentatious ceremonies. Monica, on the other hand, did have in mind that she would love to get married, but she also had in her head the idea of ​​something much simpler and more intimate than they had always seen. So Mònica saw that Oscar needed a “push” , and decided to tell him what her ideal wedding would be like; what she wanted and what she knew was not for her. Oscar began to change his mind about weddings, since what Monica suggested was more of his style, but he dared not take the step. Finally, Monica called him with a bet, Oscar lost it, and they began to plan their wedding in the mountains.

mountain wedding

Their wedding at the mountains

Monica had always wanted to get married, but since her father's death it was something she had trouble thinking about. One day he remembered an announcement where a couple celebrated a wedding in the mountains. And, as a sign, she knew that if they wanted to make a promise to be partners for a lifetime, it should be that way.

The big day arrived and there was something clear from the beginning: it must be an informal mountain wedding. As I said, the big ostentatious celebrations are not the style of Mònica and Óscar, so their wedding should be intimate and simple. Both knew how to make decisions very quickly, so everything was flowing perfectly. You already know about the passion of “DIY” by Mònica and Óscar, and this materialized in most of the details of the celebration. Onica took care of everything personally, and what she couldn't do, she worried that everything would fit the vision they had for that day.

rustic wedding at the mountain

To the ceremony on July 22 only a few very close friends and their best man and maid of honor, as well as a special guest that I will talk about later, accompanied them. But when Mònica and Óscar had prepared a party to celebrate their union, it was October 6 , now with all the family and friends. he guests thought they were going to a rustic wedding in a country house, but they found themselves surprised... Mònica and Óscar had been married for months! And at that party they projected how the ceremony had been days ago. To all the guests it seemed the most original wedding to which they had been. And the best part is that every detail of the day was just as the couple had in mind, without protocols or organizers, something much closer and more intimate. As Mònica says, "it was a wonderful day, we really enjoy all who love us."

romantic wedding mountain

small big wedding details

Weddings as intimate as this wedding in the mountains are often made up of precious details. In this case, Mònica and Óscar, decided to do the Unity Candle Ceremony . This is a symbolic tradition in which the future husband and the future wife each hold a small lit candle. Then, together and at the same time, they light a larger candle, as a symbol of the common life they are about to start. Don't you think it's beautiful? I already have goosebumps. ♥

bohemian wedding rituals

Something that has me in love with Mònica and Óscar's wedding is this very special furry guest. I introduce you to Mel , to love. Mel is now 3 years old, recently made on July 22, just the first anniversary of Mònica and Óscar. They adopted her with 2 months and, as Mònica herself tells me, “she is our darling” ♥. You know that I also have a dog, Pluto, a beautiful farmer who has made my days happy for years. I am a great lover of animals , so I am very touched to see such beautiful links between humans and dogs. Mel wore the rings, with her flowers and everything (so pretty!), in this beautiful wedding in the mountains, and she couldn't behave better. She's a heaven.

Some time ago we also had a couple who decided to incorporate their dogs on their big day. They are Kara and Austin, and you can read more about their rustic wedding with two dogs here . ♥

wedding with dogs

The wedding dress ♥

The truth is that Monica is a totally unique bride. Not only for her wedding in the mountains, but for a very special complement that he chose for her rustic wedding dress. Mònica's dress is a Gala Bohemian in Plumeti Tulle . I love this tulle because it is very funny and gives a touch of freshness and total originality. In addition, it seems to me that it creates a great contrast between romantic and rustic combined with the setting of this wedding in the mountains.

Monica was quite clear about what she wanted, in fact it was the second dress that she tried on. She was looking for something bohemian, that was comfortable, yet beautiful, and that didn't cost a fortune. And as soon as she put on her dress, she looked radiant. She combined it with a beautiful wreath of flowers with which he had always dreamed. In the photo you can see how radiant she was.

wedding mountain dress

Regarding the special accessory that I was talking about, it's not another one that... a pair of hiking boots ! That's right, and our Mimètik Brides do not cease to surprise us. Denim jackets, sneakers, hiking boots ... accessories as original as these, give the bride a lot of personality and originality. In our wedding atelier in Barcelona , ​​we have photos of some of our Real Weddings hanging on the wall. This photo of Monica is one of them. And I must say that she is one of the greatest protagonists, all eyes go to her and her boots!

bride on the mountain

By the way, I want to say that Oscar is one of our favorite grooms ever . He wore a total look for her wedding in the mountains. He wore suspenders and a bow tie of a beautiful tile color that contrasted in a super beautiful way with the natural environment and that combined with the wreath of the bride. In fact, if you read this post on How to choose the groom suit to be inspired by your partner's suit, you will see that Oscar is the boy on the cover, and it's not surprising! Total Rustic, yeah.

bohemian groom in the mountains

Advice for future brides

“Be yourselves. Let the wedding talk about you in every corner. Let it be very yours.”

- Monica
original wedding at the mountain

A forever lasting memory

And so far this beautiful and intimate wedding in the mountain of Mònica and Óscar. As you can see, sometimes the places we least think of can be the setting for days as beautiful as this. As Mònica says, the important thing is to feel reflected in such a special day.

I also want to thank Airada Audiovisuals , for the beautiful photos she has gotten from this unique moment. She has managed to capture all the excitement of that moment ♥

I say goodbye with a phrase from Mònica, which I think defines very well the feeling of today's weddings: “ I don't know if it will be the most important day of my life. I know it will be one of the most beautiful. And I hope to always remember it with so much love .”

mountains wedding with dogs

lots of love,