Sara + Jesus, the happiest bohemian wedding

They say that a bride should wear four things for good luck: something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue. I'm not very superstitious, and I don't know if Sara and Jesús fulfilled all the requirements in their bohemian wedding, but I assure you that it is one of the happiest weddings I've ever seen.
As you know , I really appreciate you sending us photos of your wedding. I love to see where the story goes of that girl who came to see us one day at our bridal atelier in Barcelona , ​​or the one who asked us her questions online and had her dress at home in a week . I feel super lucky. And I live the photos as if I myself were present that day . That's why when Sara sent us photos of her big day, which reflected so much energy and good vibes, I was really happy. I think there was no better way to thank him than showing the world that joyous and unique day.
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The closest love story

Sara and Jesús met in their hometown, in Menorca. I have been to Menorca and I can tell you that it is a beautiful island , with blue seas and a breeze that makes it a pleasure to walk along its wonderful beaches, so I cannot think of a better setting for this story. Sara was walking through the streets of the old town. At a bar, he ran into an old roommate of his brother. She was going to greet him, but she stayed to talk to that handsome boy who accompanied him. That boy was Jesus. And Sara forgot where she was going and decided to stay all night talking to him , until the phones were given. And so little by little they kept talking, getting to know each other, falling in love… until this relationship culminated in a beautiful and happy bohemian wedding ♥
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a simple couple

Sara tells me that they would define themselves as a simple couple . They like to go to the cinema, to the beach in summer and to the mountains in winter, and above all to enjoy a good afternoon on the sofa. Of course, his two children make a children's play session on Sunday afternoons!
Although Jesús is more into sports and Sara defines herself more as “little beer and friends”, there is something that Sara and Jesús are passionate about and unites them to the fullest: traveling. They are total enthusiasts of saving to travel as much as possible . And I can't think of a better idea. It seems wonderful to me that a couple like Sara and Jesus, with a thousand things to do and two children, keep looking for new adventures to enter their lives. And from experience I will say that whether it is short or long distances, seeing the world creates a better version of yourself .
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an intimate proposal

Sara had dreamed for more than two years that she wanted to get married in a beautiful bohemian wedding , but Jesús did not define himself as someone “of those things”, so the subject was a bit up in the air. One day, they decided to take a trip to Andorra just the two of them. They spent the whole day skiing and relaxing in a SPA, and then they went looking for a restaurant to have dinner. It was terribly cold (it was -4ºC!), and they found nothing. They walked and walked, until finally they found a bar where they served some tapas. They ordered something to eat and a bottle of wine.
When they left the bar, Jesus looked both ways, saw that no one was there, knelt down and asked Sarah the big question! And Sara crying with happiness, of course her dream had come true! They were getting married! And Jesus had put his shame aside to make his partner's dream come true. I think it's a simple story and super emotional at the same time. beautiful ♥
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The happy (and blue) bohemian wedding

And finally the bohemian wedding of Sara and Jesus arrived! How could it be otherwise, the wedding was in Ciutadella, in Menorca. And the truth is that I find the chosen scenario super exciting, because it was neither more nor less than the cocktail bar where they met a few years before . The ceremony was in the garden, and you can see from the photos that it was something beautiful. As I told you at the beginning of the post, there are many different traditions when it comes to weddings. One of them is to throw rice at the newlyweds as a symbol of good luck. Well, Sara and Jesús had their personalized tradition: the guests rained hazelnuts on them (with lots of love), typical of the Sant Joan festivities in Menorca. Super cool!
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When the ceremony ended, a motorcycle with a sidecar was waiting for them to take a ride through the streets of Ciutadella. And this bohemian wedding couldn't be more stylish! Adding a vehicle with so much roll seems to me that it gives a lot of character to the wedding, I love it! In fact, Cristina, who chose a Mimètik for her bridesmaids , also included a van in her bohemian wedding. In addition, the color of the wedding was blue , as you can see in the decorations, in Jesus' suit, and in Sara's accessories, so they decided to continue with this theme and add some blue balloons to the sidecar. The truth is that it could not have gone better. Our Mimètik girls are super original ♥
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The most personal party

In the invitation part of their bohemian wedding, Sara and Jesús prepared everything with great care. They even created the centerpieces themselves! But there is one detail that made me fall in love as soon as Sara showed me her wedding photos. The detail is some personalized photos that they put in each place of the guests, some photos of when each one was little . I think it's a great idea, because that way everyone knows where to sit in a beautiful and super emotional way . And in addition, each photo was with a safety pin, so each guest could put it on their suit so that everyone knew what their name was (and what they were like when they were little!). It's something super personal, it's the kind of details that make the difference .

The bohemian wedding dress ♥

Sara was clear from the beginning that she wanted a bohemian wedding and that she needed a bohemian wedding dress. So he went through all the shops in Menorca and Mallorca and no luck, nothing convinced him. He decided to look at online stores that were in Barcelona, ​​since he has relatives who live here. He arranged everything for an express getaway and made some appointments. The truth is that I am very moved by how Sara explains it. And I'm even more excited that he still remembers all the details. So I prefer that she tells you how she lived her first moment with Mimètik:
"My first date was at 11 with Mimètik. I went upstairs. They opened the door for me and I saw my dress on the mannequin. I had seen it online but I was moved live. I tried it on and knew that it was my dress I canceled the other appointments, look no further. We went to celebrate, my sister, my sister-in-law and I, who already had a dress. It was great."

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The truth is that Sara was gorgeous with her Frida Bohemian in Champagne lace . I love the spirit of Sara, because later at the party she changed her dress position and turned it into a Gala Bohemian in Champagne lace simply with the help of some accessory straps Total! Also, as I told you before, Sara decided to go with the “something blue” for weddings, and chose to introduce some details in this color such as accessories and even shoes. It seems very original to me. It gives the bride a lot of personality, and that gives her a touch of color and joy, super representative of our Mimètik Brides ♥
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Advice for future brides

"Enjoy the preparations very much and, although it sounds like a cliché, enjoy the whole wedding because it is a magical and unforgettable day."

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And you?

As you can see, the bohemian wedding of Sara and Jesús was a super happy day , with a few touches of blue and a sidecar that gave it all the personality that this couple gives off. I want to thank both of them for making us part of their story, and especially Sara for choosing us. I could not be more delighted that you are a Mimètik Bride, you are light and I wish you all the best.
Lastly, I want to thank Carles Mascaró for these precious photographs that manage to transmit all the good energy and happiness that I am sure was experienced on such a special day. He has also done an article about this beautiful bohemian wedding with a lot of photos, I'll leave it here if you want to take a look.
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With lots of love,