Laura + Carlos, a wedding full of hope

“Dream, believe, hope and dare!” it is the first thing that can be read when we enter this wedding. And that is what it is all about, a wedding full of enthusiasm and affection. The protagonists: Laura and Carlos , two young people with a love so intense that neither distance nor changes of residence can with it.

If you are passionate about stories of illusion, affection and emotion as much as I am, don't hesitate and go ahead and discover the story of this couple that, I assure you, will captivate you from the first moment!


A 21st century love


Carlos and Laura's love story began 8 years ago. It all started in one of the most millennial ways of meeting people, and who else who least has ever lived. So let's situate this story: Laura is a 27-year-old girl from Barcelona. Carlos was born in Mérdia and currently lives in A Coruña. Surely you have ever shown a photo of an acquaintance to a friend asking "What? What do you think? I think you look good." Well, something like that happened to them. It turns out that Laura and Carlos had a mutual friend who one fine summer day realized that they were made for each other . He put them in touch and they started talking on the phone. Time passed, and Laura and Carlos continued with their talks, until one day they believed that the time had come... Laura took the big step of going to live with him in La Coruña! Who was going to tell them that this love that began when they were just 17 and 19 years old would be confirmed in a beautiful wedding on July 1 of this year, just 8 years after they met! This is what I call a love that grows and makes it grow ♥


The complicity of the couple


As Laura explains to me what kind of couple she and Carlos are, I immediately realize that couples like them should be role models for all couples . He tells me that the basis of their relationship is trust , something that I see as essential for all kinds of relationships that we want to make work, whether romantic, friendship or even work. Laura defines their relationship as “ husband and wife, but also best friends ”. Although they have very different characters, Laura believes that at the same time they have everything in common. She herself explains to me: “It's strange, very different but the same at the same time; without a doubt, we are our better half , one of the other”. I love these kinds of connections!

Laura and Carlos, she tells me, really enjoy being together, either alone or with friends or family. They also share a lot of hobbies and tastes, like going to the beach, dining out, going to the movies... and traveling! They are a very restless and active couple, always from one place to another, and always with great enthusiasm , the most important engine of life.


The detailed proposition


And how do you ask someone you've been with for almost half your life if they want to stay with you forever? There are many ways to make a proposal like this: with a ring and a knee on the floor, with a dance, with a video, or simply by saying it. Well, in the case of Laura and Carlos it was a Saturday morning, they had just gotten up. Laura was still in bed when Carlos decided to get up and go get something. When he came back, he brought with him a glass jar full of pieces of paper . And what did those papers say? They were reasons why he wanted to marry her ! As Laura herself explains to me, “it was special, very simple and straightforward, but with a lot of love and feeling”. Sometimes, when you're with the right person, you don't need great shows , just such a nice gesture and the presence of the other , right? all love ♥


The big day


Some time after that request with so much feeling, the preparations for the big day began. As you may have already noticed, Laura and Carlos give off a very good vibe and they do not look for unnecessary complications. So your wedding should reflect that: comfort, naturalness , well-being without pressure or marked protocols, all very relaxed.


What Carlos and Laura were most clear about, above all, was that they wanted their closest and closest people with them, and that it be a great party so that everyone could have a great time! In addition, they had the support of Esencias de Boda, which helped them organize the event at all times. Just needed to finalize details. The place was clear: the country house where Carlos has spent his entire childhood , in Mirandilla (Badajoz). Just with that decision they made there was a very special feeling in the atmosphere.


What was most difficult for them to decide, as Laura tells me, was the catering. They wanted something that perfectly suited their taste, and they got it! When you do things with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, everything comes out without any problem! And so it was, everyone felt part of the wedding, realizing the care with which it was organized. They were all so excited! And of course, Laura and Carlos happy and delighted that everything went perfectly so naturally.


The dress ♥


What better for Laura's wedding dress than a bohemian-inspired one? She was convinced that she wanted something like this for her dress, since she had planned a rustic-style wedding and neither veils nor trains suited her idea. It was then when, browsing the internet, he found MimètikBCN. He saw from the outset that it fit perfectly with what he was looking for. As she herself says: “ When I saw your brand, I knew, without a doubt, that my dress would be from Mimètik: I had a hunch ”. Aiiiix is ​​that Laura is so cuqui… you don't know how excited your words make me! And the wonderful photos of Pablo Varela confirm that Laura was spectacular at her wedding! She opted for our Gala Vintage model with ivory lace , which, accompanied by that flower crown, made her a beautiful bohemian bride . Laura, you were really gorgeous!


Laura's advice for future brides

Live all the previous months with great enthusiasm , that when the day comes it passes very quickly! Enjoy 100%, without worries.

Many thanks to Laura and Carlos for sharing their wonderful story full of hope with all of us! And many thanks also to Pablo Varela , who, with his precious photographs , has allowed us to enjoy this special story as if we had been there. I would have been excited for sure!

And you? Are you also in a relationship as special as that of Laura and Carlos for which you would leave everything and go to the other side of the country with your partner? Tell me in the comments!

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