Lizzi + Peter, a forever young love

Do you know when, in romantic movies , the girl marries her lifelong love , whom she met as a child, after years without seeing each other? And do you love them as much as I do? If the answer is “yes”, you are reading the perfect story!

Welcome to the love story of Lizzi and Peter ! Two fellow students who have become husband and wife !

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where love began

We can almost say that Lizzi and Peter never met, directly they have been together practically always, since childhood! Lizzi was 10 years old when her parents decided to homeschool her and her siblings. They were also in a homeschool group where they could mingle with other kids who were also homeschooling. There was a little blond boy named Peter who would change his whole life. And this story is made of coincidences, since in addition to their relationship in the study group, they discovered that they were neighbors! So Peter, Lizzi, and Lizzi's siblings became best friends for years .

The years passed, and the friendship continued, until Peter, in his late teens, had to move out of state for work. But this could not be the end of his story! So a few years later, in 2014, Lizzi received a text that would completely change her life . It was him! His childhood friend, Peter, saying that he was moving to his city. She was so glad to receive that news! And, as Lizzi says, " We got together once he moved out and the rest is history ." How magical!


The emotional proposal

The day Peter proposed to Lizzi might not have started out as a great day for her. They were going to walk along the avenue, near the river . Lizzi wasn't dressed appropriately for the weather that day, so Peter decided to take her home so she could change her clothes. So, at home, Lizzi went to the bathroom and started crying for no reason . As she herself says, it was “one of those days”. The thing is, Peter had never seen her cry before , and Lizzi wanted to keep it that way, so before leaving the bathroom, she did her best to hide her tears .

When she felt better, she went downstairs to the kitchen, where Peter was. But suddenly he said that he needed to ask her an important question , and that he wanted to do it right then and there, because he couldn't wait any longer to do it. And that was the moment!! He got down on one knee, opened a little box with a ring, “the most beautiful opal ring I had ever seen,” Lizzi told me, and asked him to marry her. As she now happily recalls " nothing could replace that moment ". And guess what? She ended up crying her eyes out, so in the end, Peter saw her cry for the first time at the moment that made her the happiest woman on earth .


The complicity of the couple

I think it's time for you to meet this adorable couple. Lizzi and Peter are from St. Clair, Michigan, in the United States. They are very young, as they are only 24 years old! This means that this will be a love for life ♥. Lizzi would define her lifestyle as “ relaxed and carefree ”, and super easy to please. They find joy in life rustic and simple. They enjoy little things like just watching movies and spending time together. I think they have a great complicity , and that's what makes this couple special. “ If you ever see us, you can guarantee he's making me laugh! Lizzi tells me.

Lizzi and Peter also have a lot in common, always with the same laid-back atmosphere . They love nature, being outside and living a simple, rustic life . And of course they love animals! Speaking with Lizzi, she told me that there are two essential key aspects that bring them even closer to each other. The first is that they are very familiar, as they have a very close relationship with their parents and relatives. The second fundamental aspect, and probably more important, is the fact that they have the same moral and religious values . I think it is very significant to find someone with the same values ​​as you, or who, at least, respects them, because being in harmony with your partner is the way to have a strong relationship that can continue for a lifetime !


The road to the day

But, before the wedding, the most difficult part had to be overcome… The road to the wedding ! And Lizzi and Peter had one thing very clear: they wanted a small and intimate wedding. They knew that they were not typical American weddings, with all the traditional atmosphere. And where should they look for ideas for non-stereotypical American weddings? Exactly, on Pinterest ! So they did an exhaustive search almost every day, and although it was difficult to keep the atmosphere they wanted, they succeeded! They also had the help of “ The Knot Wedding Planner ”, which was a lifesaver for them. “The Knot” is an online tool for planning your wedding, from a to-do list or guest list, to photos of wedding cakes to inspire you. And you? Did you use any online tools to plan your wedding? Or did you prefer to hire a wedding planner? Or maybe you made use of the “do it yourself” philosophy in your wedding too? Tell me in the comments !


Lizzi told me that the hardest thing to decide on for their wedding was the reception location , because they wanted to have their reception in a barn, but there weren't any good barns to rent where they lived. But, luckily, they found a beautiful Victorian country estate , which had been converted into a bed-and-breakfast , and was very close to the site of the ceremony. This decision changed their rustic wedding to one with a more eclectic atmosphere, but, as Lizzi says, "I couldn't have asked for anything better!"


I also asked Lizzi why she wanted bridesmaids at her wedding, and she explained that she has 3 very close friends who have been there for her every moment of her life: the biggest and the smallest. He says something that I find very nice about them: “ They are part of my journey, so it would be impossible to leave them out ”. It's lucky to have the support of close people, since that gives us the courage to do the things we've always wanted to do.


The day

AND THE DAY HAS ARRIVED! October 1 was the date and everything was ready to just have to enjoy. The atmosphere of the post-ceremony party was really not traditional at all . There was no main course, and there was no need for it, as the owner of Casa Heather was a fantastic cook, and provided them with excellent appetizers throughout the afternoon. There wasn't even a dance floor , they had the music blasting through the speakers around the house from an iPhone, so cute and 'fresh'! Lizzi and Peter's big day ended at night, when, together with their friends, they released paper lanterns.


Lizzi also told me about her favorite memory of the wedding, but it was before the whole party. If he had to take one thing from that day, he would definitely choose the exchange of vows during the ceremony. She says, “ It was very intimate, and something I've been looking forward to since I was a little girl. It is a feeling I will never forget .” So, if you're like Lizzi, remember that dreams do come true !


The dress ♥

And of course, I asked Lizzi about her dress choice! She chose our Gala Rustic with gold lace , accessorized with a gold lace shawl . So, how did you decide to wear a Mimètik design? Well, because of the comfort of the dress, as well as how well it fit her bohemian personality . The Gala wasn't the first dress Lizzi saw, as she tried going to various bridal shops in her area, but nothing had that easygoing, rustic charm .


That was when she tried her luck online, and that's when she found MimètikBCN and, as Lizzi herself says: “ I fell in love instantly! ”. And there is still more, because beyond the dress having the perfect “aura”, she loved being able to play with its versatility. Lizzi is a very creative person, so a convertible dress was the perfect dress for her! Plus, it was within her budget!


Lizzi's advice for future brides

“Basically, this day is about the two of you. Accept only what makes you feel comfortable and happy on what could easily be the best day of your lives. Don't feel like you have to follow all the traditions and do what everyone else does. This day is a reflection of who you are as a couple. Those who love you will fully understand. And don't worry about the trifles! No matter what happens, it's going to be a fantastic day."


I wish Lizzi and Peter a long life full of love ! They may be young, but they have each other, with all the support, understanding and trust, and that is what matters: having a person by your side who could be your companion in the journey of life .

Also, I just found out that they have become more than just husband and wife… they have become parents of a beautiful baby ! So Lizzi, I wish the best for you and the lovely family you two are creating.

wedding-authentic-mimetik-romantic With lots of love, mireia-solsona