Jessica + Joan, a romantic wedding full of emotion

Jessica + Joan, a romantic wedding full of emotion

Jessica and Joan's romantic wedding is one of those stories that moves anyone. I'm not lying if I tell you that it's been a long time since a story from one of our royal weddings touched my heart so much in such a sensitive way. Jessica and Joan's wedding was a very special day: they started a new life together, and other chapters were closed forever. Today's post is also very special, because just this week they have celebrated a year since their big day . So, congratulations! From here we wish you the best ♥. If you want to read about a super beautiful romantic wedding, a beautiful relationship and an unforgettable day, I suggest you do not miss the story of Jessica and Joan. romantic outdoor wedding

your love story

Jessica and Joan met 13 years ago. They were in a research group at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Barcelona. They are both PhDs in Chemistry, so the spark came by itself ;). At that time, the two were in a relationship. The years went by, they kept in touch until... the two separated. And that was when love blossomed. Joan declared all her love to Jessica in the sweetest way. As Jessica says "He looked like a 15 year old!" What a cute couple! ♥ Also, Joan had a wonderful and beautiful little daughter , so they created a super cute family right away. romantic wedding

The couple's chemistry

Jessica tells me that she and Joan could be defined as a couple who "have everything (or almost everything) in common, of those who finish each other's sentences and then do a give me 5 !". The truth is that I can't think of a couple that is as “ for each other ” as this one. Jessica and Joan are a couple whose pillar is respect for others . In addition, they love to study (both have doctorates!), and both are professors at the UB (University of Barcelona). And not only that, but they are also researchers in the development of new construction materials by reusing by-products. They do a job that I think is impressive. They also like to enjoy the “ small details that life offers us ”, as Jessica calls it. They love to watch movies, series, get together with friends and family and spend hours playing board games (Jessica's brother is a master of Catan!). Similarly, both Jessica and Joan also love nature . There is more to see that their romantic wedding was in the middle of a vineyard. Jessica is passionate about the sea and Calella de Palafrugell, while Joan is more about the mountains and Aigüestortes. And don't miss out, because Jessica has lived in New Zealand and Italy! So she has always been a great traveller, something that Joan is hooking little by little. 

my favorite request

Before I get to Jessica and Joan's romantic wedding, I'm looking forward to explaining to you how the proposal went. Personally, I love this particular request because it was Jessica who asked Joan if she wanted to marry her . Girls to power! Jessica waited over a year for Joan's 40th birthday to arrive, so imagine how nervous she must have been all that time! Jessica tells me that she was mostly worried that he would beat her to it, because she wanted to be the one to ask the question. And finally came the day. Joan came home to find all the lights off. The only thing he could see was a path made of candles . He followed him and found Jessica, beautiful, who declared all her love for him and how much he meant to her. To pop the big question, Jessica decided to buy Joan a watch. She gave it to him and, as he opened it, asked him to marry her . With a “ Of course! ” began the path to this beautiful romantic wedding, held at the festival of San Juan. ♥ romantic wedding altar

The most beautiful and emotional day

So the big day arrived. Jessica and Joan had personally taken care of every detail. They themselves had spent 5 months creating all kinds of handmade details . Jessica tells me that they knew they had to work hard, but the reward of having a personalized romantic wedding was all they needed for motivation. They chose the Hotel & Cava Mastinell as the venue for the entire event. As you can see in the photos, it was a total success, because hers was a beautiful romantic wedding between vineyards. I love the atmosphere that vineyards create in wedding photos, spectacular. Jessica and Joan were clear that they wanted to have a small wedding. But, like many of our brides, the party warmed up little by little, and in the end it turned out to be more than planned! Of course, they were all loved ones for the couple. It's great to be surrounded by people who love you in such important moments. Unique bonds are created for life. In addition, they decided that the wedding table would be made up of their brothers and sisters. This gesture of family union seems precious to me ♥ When I talk about emotion, one of the things that caused me the most feeling was knowing the story of Jessica, her father and the day of their romantic wedding . This is a story where the importance of family is very great. Jessica and Joan were clear that they would celebrate their marriage in 2018, since Joan's father had cancer and Jessica's father was very old. For them it was very important that their parents attend such an important day, so they knew how to have their priorities straight. Jessica told me that her father died two days after the ceremony, so their wedding day was the last day they were together. But this is not a story to be sad about. Jessica couldn't be happier with the decision they made . She will always remember the dance with her father, the two of them together, which she describes as the best day of her life . outdoor wedding Jessica tells me that her in-laws gave them a pyromusical fireworks display for after the wedding dance, so the wedding couldn't have been more romantic. They cannot have a better memory of everyone in this romantic wedding: happy and bright all together. As you'll see in the next photo, I'm sure they had a great time. In addition, Jessica decided to change her dress position up to five times for the party, we love creative Mimètik Brides! rustic wedding celebration

The romantic wedding dress ♥

Jessica tells me that before coming to Mimètik she had gone to a couple of stores in her neighborhood, and although there was a dress that she liked, she did not feel that it was “the dress”, since she did not feel herself in it. It was then that he found Mimètk online. She saw our Gala Bohemian and instantly fell in love, so she decided to come with her sister to our atelier. lace wedding dress Another of the coincidences that make this story could not be more emotional is that the day Jessica and her sister came to Mimètik's Bridal Atelier in Barcelona would have been her mother's birthday, who passed away 10 years ago. So, Jessica and her sister entered the atelier and saw the dress that had fallen in love online. In Jessica's words: “ There it was waiting for me, it was perfect for me ”. And the truth is that Jessica could not be more beautiful at her romantic wedding. Finally, she chose our Gala Bohemian in Ivory lace , and decided to add our accessory train and a personalized veil . What Jessica highlights most about her choice is that it was “ elegant, romantic, comfortable, affordable , and dozens of different ways to wear it!” Jessica loves clothes, so when she saw that she could change her look the same day without having to change her dress, she fell in love. It was her dress, definitely. romantic wedding dress

Advice for future brides

Be yourself, enjoy yourself, and wear a comfortable dress!!! There are many hours before the wedding, and post-wedding, and you have to be brilliant! The dress will be remembered by everyone, but your face is the reflection of the soul; and if you feel good, you will be radiant!
romantic wedding celebration

emotion is everything

I'm sure you've been moved by this story. I know because it happened to me from the moment Jessica told me all about her beautiful romantic wedding. And where there is emotion, there is true feeling. In the end, weddings are the perfect time to feel, get excited and live experiences that will create memories forever. For these rescuerdos Jessica and Joan had the wonderful help of Allan Rice Photography , who has taken the beautiful photos that illustrate this post. Thanks to Jessica for choosing us to be part of such an emotional day as her romantic wedding. We love being part of your story romantic sunset wedding With lots of love, Signature-email-marketing-Mireia-300x88 ]]>