Estefania + Abi, a dream bohemian gay wedding

Estefanía and Abi took time to answer my e-mail. He told them that the photos were spectacular and that he wanted to bring his love story and his gay wedding closer to the rest of the Mimètik Brides, but nothing, not a line from them. They finally answered... and they had the best of excuses: they were super busy being mommies to their "little Kala bug" that they had with the ROPA method in 2020. Are there mommies in the room? I think we all know what it means to go without time and like crazy during the puerperium. In fact, I understand it 100% because I have not one but two little bugs, which give me all the joy in the world.

But let's start at the beginning, before Kala came to brighten their lives...

A love story with two beginnings

Estefanía told me that "her story is proof that, sometimes, second parts are really good." In their case, the time and the commitments they acquired with each other proved them right and showed that sayings are not always right.

They met at a Pride party at the Axel Hotel in Barcelona , ​​and after a year they started a stable relationship. They lived "an adventure" of 2 years in the United Kingdom and then 8 years in Andorra, which is where they now reside.

For them, it seems that everything happens in August: meet, give a second chance, get married and have their daughter Kala.


Two women in wedding dresses kissing in the field


A simple gay wedding in a Catalan farmhouse

If something is repeated among my Mimètik Brides, it is their love for nature and rustic environments. You usually choose country weddings, vineyard weddings, forest weddings or farmhouse weddings . In case you're reading me and you don't know what I'm talking about, the Catalan farmhouse is a well-known type of house in Catalonia: an old, rustic farm that used to have fields and animals and is now often used for rural tourism. The atmosphere is always super relaxed and spectacular.

"We decided to have a simple family wedding in a Catalan farmhouse and in a privileged environment, which we rented to spend the weekend. It was the best choice of all." Estefanía and Abi were married at Masia de Puig de Vallferosa. Located on a hill, it allows you to see both spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Catering was with Catering Palau . By the way, the stunning photos you see are by Marco Helga .

I am of course delighted to see that they did not encounter any discrimination from their suppliers. The girls at LGTB Bodas do a very good job showing providers with whom you can have a gay wedding without problems. In addition, they are also dedicated to inspiring future couples and doing much-needed advocacy and awareness work.

Two women on their gay wedding day, happy and smiling, one piggybacking the other


Mimètik: the perfect dress for two brides

Estefanía and Abi both decided to wear a Mimètik. I love your choice, because it shows that it is a super versatile wedding dress: just changing the accessories or the way of tying it, and it's another dress. They explain it themselves: "We chose two last-minute dresses with the same model and the same color but with different accessories. One of us decided on a chiffon bullfighter and the other on the matching overskirt." Both wore a Gala at their gay wedding, which is our star model, and each one gave it their own touch with the overcoat.

"The dresses could not fit us better, simple but elegant, ideal for our boho-rustic style wedding ! If we were to get married again, we would choose the same dresses without a doubt!"

Two brides who just got married in a beautiful rustic setting: a wheat field


Your LG BT-friendly Atelier

Estefanía and Abi, beautiful in their Gala, are two of the many brides who have passed through Mimètik to live their Atelier Experience .

We love being an LGBT-friendly or gay-friendly Atelier. It is a great pride to be part of this small revolution that simply asks for the same rights for the LGBT community : to be able to express their love and desire without fear of being attacked, to be able to legalize their union and to be able to create families full of love.

If you are looking for your perfect boho wedding dress , we will create an atmosphere of trust in which you can feel like yourself. You can come alone or accompanied by your future wife and we will put all our energy into making sure that both of you leave happy and satisfied. You can choose the same model and give it a different touch, as Estefanía and Abi did, or two completely different bohemian wedding dresses, as Thamara and Eli did. The decision is yours. We will advise you with all our love and respect so that you feel authentic and happy ❤